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WW Alleys, Tubs, Sorting Systems Cattle Handling Equipment * Prices Plus Freight & Taxes , Prices Subject to Change W/Out Notice , All Prices Are CASH Prices* * Special Includes 20% off Equipment Equipment FOB Thomas, OK * Now you build your own cattle-crowding tub with the Cattle Flow™ pre-manufactured radius panels for easy permanent installation.

For use between any section of alley panels in an

Behlen Squeeze Chute, Self Catch Headgate, Split Tail Gate, Can be set up to work either side, Lots of adjustments on this chute and additional options, Can work everything from calves to cows.

Used cattle tub and alley. Ditch Those Curved Facilities and Tubs – They Don’t Make Livestock Handling Easier. It's all 6ft tall with 8ft tall overheads on… It just all flowed so well.

Browse the most popular brands and models at the best prices on Machinery Pete. This is a truly portable system, enhanced by a collapsible cattle tub and structural improvements to the frame of the unit. Can be assembled in less than an hour.

Very clean and well maintained chute, has not been used alot. Adjusts from 16” to 30” wide Please call with questions.

Pin into the Open Sweep Exit and let you hold cattle in the sweep and in the alley. Page 1 of 5. The 3E BudFlow Cattle Tub greatly improves how cattle flow through the tub into the alley by using cattle psychology to your advantage, allowing you to save time and effort.

This is a new cattle working pen with sweeping tub and alley. Cattleman’s DoubleDown Tub and Alley-Chute . This is the most versatile alley on the market..

PEARSON LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT PORTABLE CHUTE / ALLEY / TUB UNIT. Its equipped with an 180° sweeping tub with a 10ft gate. The new Portable 16’ Alley & Tub has been redesigned for maximum safety and ease of towing.

Everything is welded and strong. Real Tuff's tub features solid sides which help cattle stay focused. 180° Open Sweep Portable Tub:

After leaving the tub, cattle naturally move towards the light by passing through these adjustable alleys, providing a smooth, continuous flow and reducing stress. Feeling the pressure of the enclosed tub, cattle often. TUBS AND ALLEY SETUPS Tub and alley setups shown with 6’ V’d alley panels unless otherwise identified.

Starting at $799.99 | We will meet or beat any advertised price. Find used livestock equipment for sale near you. The cornerless crowding tub is an excellent addition to any livestock handling system.


Alleys allow animals to be squeezed down to 16” for calves and out to 30” for mature animals with 6 locking points. Made with two 8′ alley sections, adjustable from 20″ to 28″ and 66″ high. The alley way is 30ft long with 3 sliding gates.

It provides a durable and affordable crowding system that helps reduce the labor needed for working cattle. The Homesteader Deluxe Tub and 20’ Alley System is an easily portable cattle working system. There was not one instance of a cow doing something wrong.

Curved alley that it will take it back to where it came from. Fourth, if we take a cow’s eye view, as Grandin rightfully advises, what do we see when we go into a solid-sided 180-degree curve?. The alley is 30" wide.

8 1/2’ & 16 1/2’ lengths; The 3E BudFlow Cattle Tub is designed for durability and long-term use. Lower 24″ is sheeted.

Top Hand cattle handling equipment is one of the most durable and dependable brands on the market. I consent to High Plains Cattle Supply – Platteville Colorado collecting my details through this form. Chutes & Handling, Portable Equipment..

The key to using the double alley and the Bud Box together is to only load the number of cattle that will fit in the alley in the Bud Box, so cattle can keep moving forward towards the chute and not have the opportunity to circle back and get stressed. Cattleman's Tub and Alley Package. The holding pen is 18ft x 30ft which will hold 15 – 20 head.

No matter which pieces best suit your needs, our safe and heavy-duty cattle sweep systems are ideal for making the process of handling your cattle easier than ever.. Heavy duty 20’ alley adjusts from 18” to 32” wide to handle everything from calves to bulls. Red River is pleased to offer its customers the opportunity to purchase Top Hand's cattle tub and alley, and has been manufacturing cattle equipment for sale like cattle crowders for over 40 years.

Portable Sheeted Crowding Tub Only, No Tires #1 Single Alley Bow #2 Single Alley Bow For-Most 45 Degree Alley Bow Sale Price: If you desire a sheeted system and the System 2000 is out of your price range, the Cattleman's System is for you. System consists of 180° heavy-duty sweep tub and 20’ alley.

The following setups represent only a sample of the hundreds of possible configurations available with the For-Most tub systems. PEARSON LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT NO-CORNER CATTLE TUB KIT. The design assists cattle to move in the correct direction without getting turned around or caught in the system.

Cattle Handling Equipment – Our handling systems give you everything you need to get the job done on the the spot, safe and efficient!. The staff at Blair Brothers Angus and at K&D Feedyard really like this system. The Cattleman's Tub and Alley is one of Powder River's most popular sweep tub and alley systems.

Page 1 of 1. Witha 10′ Radius, 3 Pin-Together Panels, 66″ Height. Specs on the Cornerless Crowding Tub from Real Tuff Livestock Equipment:

Ackerman Distributing Livestock & Agricultural Equipment (800)-726-9091, (970)-284-5599 La Salle, CO. Find out more about how 3E works here. The neck extenders were awesome.

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For use between any section of alley panels in an

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For use between any section of alley panels in an

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Bud Flow Cattle Crowding Tub Cattle Handling Equipment

Used Cattle Tub And Alley

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