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Our floor coatings are formulated for quality durability and appearance—available in either water- or solvent-base.. Epoxy and urethane coatings only offer the benefits above when they’re properly bonded to the concrete beneath—which requires careful surface preparation before application.

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There are 100% pure polyurea coatings available that are USDA-acceptable and even UL-approved to the ANSI-NSF 61 Standard, so they are increasingly being used by for tanks holding potable water as well as floor coatings for food and beverage industry floors.

Usda approved floor coatings. Technical Data Sheet PDF: The warmer the floor the faster the coatings will dry. Epoxies can be difficult to clean from tire marks and other wheeled traffic, but a polished concrete floor is simply cleaned free with water and autoscrubbing on a daily or weekly basis.

All facilities in the food and beverage industry need to ensure they’re using USDA-approved floor coatings. 64 FR 56400) Performance standards set forth requirements in terms of an objective to. Easily cleanable are the requirements of the FDA and USDA.

Approved for use in USDA plants. Antimicrobial and USDA-approved flooring with contamination-fighting additives inhibits the growth of potentially dangerous bacteria across the surface as well as throughout the flooring material. Epoxy floor system in the brewing area.

Coatings and epoxy will wear under forklift traffic and heavy carts. FDA Approved, Regulations, Safety 5.0 (125) 6.0 (150) °°°°°° d

Dura Seal 400 meets all USDA and EPA standards. 40% solids, glossy, durable finish with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Microbial growth can develop underneath improperly applied floor coatings where the moisture level is not.

Our antimicrobial floors will exceed standards for sanitation set by the FDA/USDA. Although there are number of manufacturing floor coverings that can meet all the rigorous requirements the National Science Foundation (NSF) and U.S. Seamless, durable and simple to maintain floors – the perfect flooring recipe for food processing environments.

What Is the FDA; On October 20, 1999, the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) published a final rulemaking in the Federal Register that establishes regulatory sanitation performance standards applicable to all official meat and poultry establishments. Our team at Universal Floor Coatings specializes in handling FDA approved and USDA approved flooring options for industrial spaces, epoxy flooring, and urethane mortar flooring.

The seamless, non-porous surface stands up to chemicals used in rigorous cleaning, abrasion from heavy traffic and thermal shock from hot water wash. To make the most of your floor coating investment and to be sure you’re following USDA standards, consult an expert flooring team. USDA Approved Epoxy Flooring for Food & Beverage Processing Facilities.

In addition to food grade and USDA approved floor toppings, we install concrete floors, slope to drain floor systems, trench drains, epoxy floors, and much more! USDA Approved Flooring Options. The floor surface must not be able to harbor dangerous pathogens, in holes, puddles, crevices, and be easy to sanitize properly.

These guidelines and requirements must be put into place in order to keep customers, and employees safe along with passing health inspections. The USDA is primarily concerned with regulating the flooring in facilities that process food, crops, or anything else that will be consumed. In order to abide by these guidelines, it is best to have one of several floor coatings that have been pre-approved by the USDA.

Our seamless floor systems meet USDA and FDA standards by providing an ultra-durable surface that easily tolerates thermal shock, constant moisture and chemicals from cleaners and ingredients. 4.76 hi-solids catalyzed epoxy & a a: Facilities need USDA-approved concrete coatings to help them pass rigorous inspections.

ULTRA MILITARY EPOXY FLOORING. Do not apply is temperatures will drop below that within 8 hrs of application. USDA/FDA inspected facilities require flooring with an impervious finish, and hygienic, easy-to-clean surfaces.

General Manufacturing (EPOXY) Industrial floors and epoxy flooring solutions for heavy duty, medium & light duty manufacturing floors. We are specified and provide food grade coatings for a vast quantity of North American food manufacturer / processor and our coatings can be found throughout Europe & Asia in a number of our customers’ subsidiary plants. FDA And USDA Approved Flooring Regulations.

Conventional floor enamels are 2-3 Mils thick, water based epoxies 3-4 Mils thick, hybrid cycloaliphatic epoxies are under 10 Mils thick.. Coverage is 300-400 s/f per gallon. Applied by roller, brush, or spray, it leaves an easy-to-clean, hard, glossy floor surface, suitable for incidental food contact.

USDA Approved Floor Coatings. Non-toxic materials are preferred, as well as materials that would not provide an environment for harmful pathogens or food contaminants to proliferate. You need durable, high-performance food grade flooring that can stand up to the rigors of frequent cleaning, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, high foot traffic, and much more.

USDA & FDA Inspection-Ready Flooring. Available in 10 gallon or 2 gallon units and mixes 1:1. Because of this, Rusty Bull knew they needed a FDA and USDA approved flooring system.

On top of the harsh chemicals and heavy wear to which these floors are subjected these finishes must also support safety and sanitation regulations administered by agencies like the USDA, FDA, OSHA, and others.

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Usda Approved Floor Coatings

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