Usda Approved Epoxy Flooring

Both the USDA and FDA have approved many epoxy food and beverage flooring systems. E P Floors Corp.

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Our FDA & USDA-approved flooring is perfect for food processing areas.


Usda approved epoxy flooring. What Is the FDA; Urethane Mortar and Hybrid Flooring. In 2014 alone, USDA invested more than $70 million in food safety research to keep up with the demand for public safety.

You need durable, high-performance food grade flooring that can stand up to the rigors of frequent cleaning, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, high foot traffic, and much more. Concrete Protection Systems West (CPS-West) is an experienced leader in high-performance flooring and wall systems ranging from epoxy to urethane flooring. So, as you can see having flooring approved by the USDA is something that we should all be extremely thankful for.

Give Us A Call. In order for any flooring to pass the rigid constraints that the USDA has with regard to flooring, the floor must stop algae, bacteria, mold and fungus from ever growing on it, or under it. ULTRA MILITARY EPOXY FLOORING.

Epoxy and Polymer Wall Systems.. USDA Approved Epoxy Flooring for Food & Beverage Processing Facilities. We also have USDA approved flooring and anti microbial flooring systems.

USDA Approved Flooring for Food and Beverage Processing Keep workers safe and meet USDA regulations.. Tuff Kote Flooring LLC 1704 Route 9, South Glens Falls, NY 12803, U.S. With Florock, you can choose any of our epoxy flooring and other resinous coatings, because they are all “approved”, that is, meet the requirements of the USDA.

These guidelines and requirements must be put into place in order to keep customers, and employees safe along with passing health inspections. USDA Approved Floor Coatings. Because of this, Rusty Bull knew they needed a FDA and USDA approved flooring system.

Seamless, ultra-durable & slip resistant, our food grade flooring is safe & sanitary.. The FDA and USDA have approved a broad range of epoxy flooring systems, including high-solids or 100% solids epoxy flooring products. The application process was a FDA and USDA approved flooring industrial strength three coat epoxy broadcast system in the brew area, which would keep any and all bacteria and pathogens (from spills) from seeping into the concrete.

Commercial epoxy flooring is the ideal solution for all types of food service businesses, including restaurants and food and beverage facilities. A durable urethane topcoat ensures excellent. Work may be done over weekends, holidays, or during production if necessary.

Flooring Solutions A leading resource for non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly flooring systems, we offer turnkey installations using only in-house personnel.. USDA Approved Flooring Options. The USDA has strict guidlines regarding flooring for professional food processing, manufacturing, and preparation facilities.

Decorative Epoxy Resinous Flooring Please select a category below that best matches your industry of interest. USDA & FDA Inspection-Ready Flooring.

This is thanks to the hygienic and seamless surface of epoxy flooring that is easily disinfected with minimal effort and no place of refuge or bacteria to hide and reproduce. FDA and USDA Approved Flooring.. Thermal-Chem manufactures a full line of USDA-approved epoxy and urethane cement floor and wall coating systems specifically for food and

FDA And USDA Approved Flooring Regulations. Chemical Resistant Polymer Coatings. Most of these, such as the highly durable Novolac Prime Cast 2111, the epoxy mortar and topcoat Prime Armor 3110 flooring system and the Prime Guard 1201 fiber-reinfoced wall system provide excellent heat and cold resistance, scratch resistance and aesthetic freedom.

USDA/FDA inspected facilities require flooring with an impervious finish, and hygienic, easy-to-clean surfaces. Shop Floor is a solid-color, seamless flooring system consisting of Dur-A-Flex's time-tested 100% solids epoxy and natural quartz aggregate. Our seamless floor systems meet USDA and FDA standards by providing an ultra-durable surface that easily tolerates thermal shock, constant moisture and chemicals from cleaners and ingredients.

Conventional floor enamels are 2-3 Mils thick, water based epoxies 3-4 Mils thick, hybrid cycloaliphatic epoxies are under 10 Mils thick. Antimicrobial and USDA-Approved Flooring; We have been trained in the needs of food processing environments and have the right equipment and techniques for meeting the high standards your facility requires.

The floor surface must not be able to harbor dangerous pathogens, in holes, puddles, crevices, and be easy to sanitize properly. Posted July 8, 2015 by Amy Manghelli. Looking for USDA-Approved Flooring Options?

Cost Effective Epoxy/ Urethane Flooring. On top of the harsh chemicals and heavy wear to which these floors are subjected these finishes must also support safety and sanitation regulations administered by agencies like the USDA, FDA, OSHA, and others. The United States Department of Agriculture requires that flooring in food processing facilities be made of “durable, easily cleaned materials, and be impervious to moisture.”.

Facilities need USDA-approved concrete coatings to help them pass rigorous inspections. In order to abide by these guidelines, it is best to have one of several floor coatings that have been pre-approved by the USDA. Epoxies may be blended with aggregates such as marble or quartz, particularly for non-processing areas, such as lobbies and entryways, where a clean, well-maintained look is part of an overall plan regarding.

The epoxy surface has the. Waterproofing and Concrete Sealers. Our team at Universal Floor Coatings specializes in handling FDA approved and USDA approved flooring options for industrial spaces, epoxy flooring, and urethane mortar flooring.

Seamless, durable and simple to maintain floors – the perfect flooring recipe for food processing environments. View a showcase of our work; Electro Static Disipative and Conductive Flooring.

One feature of epoxy flooring in Thomasville is that the flooring has been approved by the USDA for use in food and medical facilities. Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Floor Yarmouth, MA Board of Health & USDA Approved Epoxy Flooring. Nearly Limitless Options for Food Grade Hygiene Standards.

The USDA is primarily concerned with regulating the flooring in facilities that process food, crops, or anything else that will be consumed. Aesthetics – Epoxy flooring is available in a wide. Is a vertically integrated firm, furnishing both materials and professional installation of industrial flooring with our own crews, along with a solid, single source warranty.

These thin coatings although well marketed with low selling prices are all prone to wearing out prematurely, yellowing and or outright failures..

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