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You can request any of these:

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6, 1917 and whose grave is marked with a privately purchased headstone or marker.


Upright granite marker order form. What is the difference between a grave marker and a monument? Custom Design Request Form.. Can I pre-order a marker?

VA Form 40-1330 claims and supporting documents to . A single, or individual, flat grave marker is a type of gravestone that is level with the ground and usually measures 4" thick. If you have selected a product that offers you the option of a customized design that fits your budget, we will provide you with a specific cost and a deposit amount.

Headstone deals selling all kind of grave markers and upright headstones with free shipping option for 48 contiguous states Get prices for upright granite memorials, headstones, tombstones, gravestones, grave markers, like the one picture here by calling 305-594-4628. The flat markers are available in granite, marble or bronze.

Bronze Markers, Granite Markers and Upright Monuments brochures are available." Variations may occur in stone color. Raised monuments include bevel and slant, while upright monuments sit straight up on a base and can be several feet high (see examples below).

You can select what you want to engrave on the grave marker and also decide whether you want a flat headstone or an upright marker.. We manufacture and ship your stone to the cemetery that you specify in your order. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to pay all fees prior to shipment.

To place your order online, please fill out the form below. A Government-furnished medallion may be provided for eligible Veterans who served on or after Apr. These cemetery headstones feature an upright tablet, or die, which is supported by a sturdy base, usually of the same color of granite.

Mounting bolts and washers are furnished with the marker. Grave markers are not only available with a variety of design options, but also a variety of shapes and styles as well. Why Use Granite For A Grave Marker?

S or y lian. (7" only) Order Form:. We have been crafting grave markers since 1920 with only the finest materials, which are backed by our 100% lifetime guarantee.

Please use the form below to initiate the process of creating your monument or sign. Flat markers, in granite, marble, or bronze; Military headstone for a veteran, spouse or dependent.

Flat marker options are bronze, granite or marble (a bronze plaque is available for mausoleums). Or • Flat granite or marble marker. Niche markers, in bronze

The most popular, is the two-part standing monuments. CLAIM FOR STANDARD GOVERNMENT HEADSTONE OR MARKER RESPONDENT BURDEN. You can have any, or all, of the 3 available brochures sent to you.

Marker Types and Materials. Decide on a marker. Flat markers in granite, marble, and bronze and upright headstones in granite and marble are available.

UPRIGHT HEADSTONE WHITE MARBLE OR LIGHT GRAY GRANITE. SMALL FLAT GRANITE (L) This grave marker is 18 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 3 inches thick. Frequently Asked Questions About Headstones and Grave Markers.

We usually refer to upright memorials as monuments. All bronze veterans memorials that we design and create are produced at the Bronze Division of Matthews International Corporation (Matthews Resources, Inc.). Find custom headstones at affordable prices.

Upright headstones, in granite or marble; The types of headstones and markers available for private cemeteries are: Coldspring® is a leading bronze manufacturer, natural stone fabricator and quarrier of all types of natural stone in North America.

We do not carry an in-stock inventory on upright monuments. Matthews Bronze is the same. Weight is approximately 3 pounds;

Stones may be upright granite or marble, with a special style available for Civil War veterans; Sun City Granite does not regularly install headstones. Or 19" stake for mounting upright.

Please let us know which brochure (s) you would like to receive. Visit Legacy Headstones today to view our grave headstones for loved ones and pets.

The upright markers are available in marble or granite. You’ll make your choice by selecting one of the boxes in block 15 of Form 40-1330. For use if entombment is in a columbarium or mausoleum, or to supplement a private

The VA will provide each deceased veteran with an upright grave marker in granite or marble, or a flat grave marker in granite, marble, or bronze. Type of headstone or marker will depend on the family's wishes and any cemetery re strictions on type. Most cemeteries require any setting fees be paid by the family prior to the headstone being shipped.

Or if you prefer you can call and speak to one of our monument specialists at 406-232-4457 during normal business hours. The VA provides headstones and markers for the graves of. You’ll choose either a headstone or marker and the material you’d like it to be made of.

By Phaneuf | Funerals. To request this special style select the appropriate box in block 11 for upright marble (U) or upright granite (V) and write the words “special style – confederate. After we receive these few necessary details, a staff member will be in touch.

Your stone or marker choices, which you’ll indicate on the application form, are varied. And bronze and upright headstones in granite and marble are available.. In contrast to lawn-level markers, raised and upright granite monuments can be seen and admired from a distance.

Claim for Standard Government Headstone or Marker or VA Form. You can order a bronze or granite grave marker that matches the design of veteran's grave marker or U.S.

Deposits are required before the design process begins on granite monuments and memorials. Weight is approximately 70 pounds. This niche marker is 8-1/2 inches long, 5-1/2 inches wide, with 7/16 inch rise.

Headstones and markers can be pre-ordered as a means of ensuring that your wishes, or those of a. Each memorial is cut to order.. Upright grave markers are two-to-three-inch thick slabs which stand vertically at the head of a grave;

They look like typical headstones. Statues are also considered upright monuments.

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