Upper Corner Cabinet Options

What chance do you stand against the awkwardness? All are offered with a choice of color and material.

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There are a bevy of options to ease the corner pain..


Upper corner cabinet options. Available with up to three adjustable shelves. Place a rectangular can to each side, and use the center “wedge” to store trash bags and reusable totes in a round bin or basket. Ball-bearing slides provide smooth operation.

Beyond the Lazy Susan: Add to display glasses and dishes. Installing a wall oven in the corner is an inspired idea because all of that hard-to-access dark corner area is occupied by the oven's electrical parts.

Are there any devices or gadgets to utilize these spaces? Question I'm laying out a kitchen that has two 45 degree outside corners and one 45 degree inside corner. Richelieu offers a multitude of solutions, each more functional than the last..

This unit is 12in-16in deep on each side. Here are eight of our favorites. Kitchen and Bathroom accessories.

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