Updating Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

However, the decor was definitely of the decade. In the era of Pinterest perfection, it seems we’re all striving more than ever for a picture perfect home.

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When homeowners purchased this 1990s home, they loved the open floor plan and large L-shape work zone in the kitchen.


Updating laminate kitchen cabinets. But you can also paint them with high-quality enamel paint. Lovely choices for the curtains and the rug too. Neither is superior to the other.

Paint Them Painting is the easiest way to change the. I never thought it would happen, but our ugly 80s kitchen isn’t so ugly anymore! We’ve rounded up 10 ways you can do this with some standard tools, straightforward installations, pre-made kits, and more.

Do you wish there was a way that you could updat. It’s a process, but so worth it. The easiest and potentially most transformative choice is to paint.

Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday. If I had a dishwasher, I'd hope that it broke and flooded MY kitchen – LOL! You certainly took the 'lemons' and made 'lemonade' — this is just beautiful.

Do you wish there was a way that you could update them without literally replacing them?. I can’t believe the difference it’s made in our kitchen, and if you’re in the same place as us and aren’t in the right place to do a major kitchen renovation, then this is the way to go. Several products allow you to paint laminate countertops.

Hope to see you next week. The color schemes of 1970s kitchens were wood paired with avocado green, rusts and yellows. However, the current little backsplash is integrated into the laminate countertop, which means that it can’t be removed without removing the entire.

Just in case you missed any of my previous kitchen-related projects, let’s recap the journey leading up to this point. After roughing up the counter with a power sander to provide a. Inside, however, was a different story.

And it's for that reason that many homeowners who can't afford the full on kitchen redo have been living with their lack-luster.

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