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Hardware and strategy tips from NCPR station engineer Radio Bob Sauter. Perhaps there is a great one out there, but I have yet to find it.

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Listen to Alien Ant Farm Radio featuring songs from Up in the Attic free online.

Up in the attic radio. I've never found any of the amplified radio antennas I have tried to be worth the box they are packaged in. The Original radio reception Antenna. If you can get a long wire up in your attic…

Marion announced on her show on May 2, 2010 that the Marion's Attic Old Time Radio Show will be ending in six months. If your radio has a built-in antenna, it will work better in your attic, than in your basement!. Up in the Attic is the fourth studio album by American rock band Alien Ant Farm.

A full 108 inch quarter wave probably won't fit but there are shorter ones in the 4 – 5 foot range. The Retro Attic – Lost and classic hits from the 50's through the 70's along with many minor and non-charters. FM Radio Antenna, Ancable Indoor FM Telescopic Antenna 75 Ohm F Type Male Plug Connector with Adapter for Table Top Radio HiFi AV Stereo Receiver Mini System

CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ESPN, BBC, NPR. Wish I could go on roof with mine, my HOA prevents any kind of outside antennas, scanner, ham radio, TV. They have been used since the beginning of radio.

Adding a ground wire to the radio will usually improve the signals and reduce some of the noise your hearing. Pete loves all types of music but being raised in an urban area, is partial to the classic soul and r&b sound.. It is offered here for the very first time on The Radio Attic.

Noize in the Attic Radio has 782 members. If you need to use an attic antenna, another thing you might try is install a vertical mobile antenna up there. Well, "Third Draft" fans might be a bit disappointed to find that "Up In The Attic" is, save for one new song, the exact same thing.

A DeWald TRF set that picks up stations like a superhet radio. You'd have to run wire radials around it for best performance. The last show was to be October 31, 2010.

We play the classic top 40 hits and the lost hits, but we also place a heavy emphasis on the minor charters and non-charters…or as we call them, bottom 45's. Up in the Attic is the name of the new album, and to be fair, it's really more like major label album #3.5 — at one point, an album called 3rd Draft had been created, which then sat in Geffen's. (Wood tube table radio w/SW) Here is another real cutie!

You can have a nice inside antenna… Working on getting a box to join the club here. 13,564 unique identified antique radios, plus amateur radio gear, vintage audio, and test equipment!

Not that it's a bad thing. Stream live events, live play-by-play NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college football, NCAA basketball, and Premier League matches. These antennas are also known as Random Wire.

Thanks for stopping by! I can mount the outdoor antenna on my chimney, or I can mount the indoor antenna on a window sill (2nd floor), or possibly mount the outdoor antenna inside (way up) in my attic as I have mounted my digital TV antenna (it’s about 30 feet from ground level). In this next section you will be able to see an inside antenna that works well.

(room, attic, basement, small outdoor space, loop, etc..). So I am moving mine into the attic. Marion plays records from her vast collection of cylinders and 78's mostly on original phonographs.

Pete grew up listening to Top40 radio of the 60s and early 70s,like radio stations WMCA,WINS,and WABC and legendary djs like "Cousin Brucie" Morrow and Murray the K. Well, Alien Ant Farm are back once again with a new album, "Up In The Attic," on a new record label, and with a new bassist as well. It doesn't link to test equipment, books, collectibles, or apparel.

CLICK ON ANY MANUFACTURER BELOW TO SEE RADIOS FOR SALE FROM THAT MANUFACTURER This page links to pages that display radios for sale by manufacturer. This is "The Globestar". There is no need to climb up ladders, and possibly onto the roof with all the hazards for untrained people not used to climbing up ladders and handling them whilst up there.

It does link to a limited number of replicas. An Effective 25' foot bare copper long wire antenna kit for small space indoor/outdoor installation. Because of little support for the album, no officially released single, and no tour.

Playing deep classic hard rock & heavy metal cuts while premiering the newest… I don't know if it would outperform a dipole, but It's something I. (in theory) pick up.

They cannot prohibit TV antennas. It is normally very much easier to install a radio antenna in the attic or roof space than outside. Nice original knobs, period specific grille cloth replacement and a wonderfully colorful dial.

We also feature some…

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