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In the most recent issue of Fine Homebuilding, Martin Holladay wrote a piece on Insulating Unvented Roof Assemblies. The recycled content in mineral wool is derived from the steel slag.

A Typical steel frame dry wall exterior (external) detail

Unvented roof insulation mineral wool. All Insulation Above Roof Deck- The big deal with unvented roof assemblies is to control condensation or moisture accumulation on the underside of the roof sheathing. These products can be used in interior and exterior walls, unvented and vented attics, floors, ceilings and crawl spaces. Our new guide details how to do this.

Yes, Unvented Roof Assemblies Can Be Insulated With Fiberglass – A WUFI Post And Not Just In Climate Zones 2B & ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation can be used to create an energy efficient home when insulating an unconditioned attic space. Building Unvented Attic Assemblies with Fiberglass and Mineral Wool.

It is in widespread use by builders who build green or high-quality homes and is the most obvious replacement for fiberglass.. Insufficient fill below the impermeable insulation layer. (to the insulation) air barrier in the unvented roof assembly.

ROCKWOOL products contain between 16% or 40% pre-consumer recycled material dependent on the ROCKWOOL manufacturing facility location. It can be vented or unvented. There are many ways to build an insulated sloped roof.

A hot-roof is one where there is no ventilation required as the insulation is directly attached to the roof sheathing. For external flat roof insulation you can choose foamed glass or extruded polystyrene boards, while. (Consult with an architect when designing an unvented roof).

Most studies show anywhere from 1° to 5° maximum increase in surface temperature during the sunniest part of the day, while at night the surface temperature drops faster than a regularly vented roof. Mineral wool, spray foam, rigid foam, SIPs, or nailbase. It can be insulated with fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool, spray foam, rigid foam, SIPs, or nailbase..

The 2018 IRC allows air-permeable fiberglass and mineral wool insulation in unvented attics in Climate Zones 1, 2, and 3. If all of the insulation is on the top of the roof sheathing this is pretty much a no brainer. The 2018 International Residential Code (IRC) allows air-permeable fiberglass and mineral wool insulation in unvented attics in Climate Zones 1, 2, and 3.

We measure success by the relationships we build and the positive impacts we have on our employees and customers. Insulating Unvented Roof Assemblies: The air permeance of the mineral wool isn't much of an issue.

Mineral wool is my top choice for batt insulation. Applicable for all climates. Any of these methods can work, as long as the designer has settled on an insulation approach.

We're big fans of Fine Homebuilding. Thomas- for a concrete slab roof deck that has a torch down roof with no over deck insulation, would placing mineral wool insulation under the deck be appropriate? All of the rigid insulation board products work.

Monolithic continuous exterior insulation (CI) above structural sheathing. Mechanically attach a layer of 60 mil white TPO roof membrane insulation using. Two potential unvented roof assemblies:

We agree that avoiding sheathing rot is critical, and that air permeable insulation such as fiberglass or cellulose cannot be used. A brief description of different types of unvented roof assemblies and the benefits of unvented roof construction. Browse other questions tagged insulation roof attic venting or ask your own question.

Building Unvented Attic Assemblies Using Fiberglass and Mineral Wool The 2018 International Residential Code (IRC) adds a new option for the use of fiberglass and mineral wool insulation in unvented roof assemblies in Climate Zones 1, 2, and 3 following basic requirements outlined in the code. Mineral wool reduces the drumming effect of rainwater on lightweight roofs and significantly improves acoustic performance. "I am preparing my home for a new metal roof.." – Unvented Attic Assembly 2018 IRC R806.5 Mineral Wool Insulation Metal Shingle Cathedral Ceiling Application (6/19/2019) within the Other discussion of the residential metal roofing forum

Insulating an unvented flat roof.. The results showed that so This paper describes a hygrothermal modeling study, including all of the US climate zones, a range of interior humidity levels and numerous arrangements and types of insulation.

In Climate zone 4 non-marine. Our insulation solutions for flat roof applications provide both excellent fire and acoustic performance in addition to high levels of thermal performance.. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 7 months ago..

Unvented Roof Assemblies for All Climates. Should I insulate my attic with a hot or cold roof? Our new guide details how to do this.

Martin's post focuses on the marketing of Owens Corning's ProPink Unvented Attic Insulation System. I was going to choose rockwool for the walls since I thought it was fairly water-resistant.. Does it need ventilation space btw the deck and insulation and/ or a vapor barrier facing oriented to the inside?

The outside eaves (unsure of terminology) to have some air go through and put up something like fiberglass or rockwool/mineral wool? However, if you are building an unvented roof assembly, you still need to follow the usual ratio rules — you want enough continuous exterior insulation (in this case, semi-rigid mineral wool panels) to keep the lowest level of roof sheathing above the dew point during the winter. Foam Free Don't stay stuck in the sci-finightmare of foam, foam, foam.

Moisture-Safe Unvented Wood Roof Systems Research Report – 1001 April-2010 John Straube, Jonathan Smegal and John Smith .

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