Unvented Attic Batt Insulation

Also, in an unvented attic, the eaves and roof deck are air-sealed, rather than the attic floor. In fact, if a builder wants to use fiberglass batts, the vent channel between the top of the fiberglass batt and the bottom of the sheathing is essential.

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This Building America Innovations profile describes Building America research showing an unvented attic insulated along the roof line provides better energy performance than a vented attic when HVAC ducts are located in the attic and there are.


Unvented attic batt insulation. Designers have long used cross-ventilation to minimize the potential for moisture accumulation and condensation in attics and crawl spaces. Unvented Attic Assemblies – Code Notes [2009 IRC, 2012 IRC] Adequate attic ventilation is a long-standing requirement in building codes for moisture control. Insulate a vented attic in an existing home by installing batt insulation on the ceiling plane of the attic, as follows:

We are working an existing house that has an unvented attic. It's possible to use a vented roof assembly to create a conditioned unvented attic. These assemblies are created by eliminating ventilation openings and moving the thermal, moisture and air control boundaries to the plane of the roof deck.

Owens Corning calls this proprietary insulation method the “ProPink High Performance Conditioned Attic System.” For DIY attic insulation, you've got two choices: Unvented attic assemblies (spaces between the ceiling joists of the top story and the roof

See more on different types of insulation. Yes, Unvented Roof Assemblies Can Be Insulated With Fiberglass – A WUFI Post And Not Just In Climate Zones 2B & Both vented and unvented attic/roof designs can be used in all hygro-thermal regions.

Homeowners considering asphalt shingle installation over unvented attics should consult asphalt shingle manufacturers to verify warranty coverage.” Spray foam insulation is more expensive than batt insulation and needs to be expertly installed to prevent missed areas or pockets that can reduce the efficacy of the building envelope. But then the questioner mentioned that the spray foam contractor had intentionally left big holes to the outside by not sealing the gable vents. Table 3 shows the U-value calculation for a wood frame roof assembly with an unvented attic and insulation in the roof rafters.

However, unvented attics can reduce residential energy needs, and are allowed by the code under certain conditions. There are fiberglass batts installed in the roof rafter bays. If the insulation is only placed on the bottom of the roof deck, between the rafters, it must be air impermeable.

Martin's post focuses on the marketing of Owens Corning's ProPink Unvented Attic Insulation System. Once you've decided which type is best for you, examine the material options and prices to home in on the right product. Sealed (Un-Vented) Attic System Using Fiberglass Batt Insulation I disagree with Worthy.

Unvented attics are not allowed by the building code yet in Canada but are allowed in the International Residential Code in the US in Section R806, which describes three different insulation strategies for unvented roofs. Repair any leaks, remove active knob and tube wiring, and remediate any hazardous materials. The quest for greater energy efficiency in buildings has led to increasing interest and need for insulation, improvements in HVAC equipment, more airtight construction, new materials and assemblies.

The photo above shows an attic insulated with blown cellulose. The choice of the venting approach is up to the designer. We would like for the attic to be within the thermal envelope of the house as the Owner stores books and research in the attic.

Senior Engineer Manager at Icynene, John Broniek makes the case for the unvented attic assembly and why insulating the underside of the roof makes sense. Fibrous insulation (e.g., batt or blown-in) can be installed under the roof deck in the hot-dry. Faced batt insulation where used as a vapor retarder shall be face stapled.

Loose-fill insulation is usually less expensive to install than batt insulation, and provides better coverage when installed properly. One option we are considering is to leave the fiberglass in place and cover with2" unfaced vapor semi-permeable rigid foam with taped seams. Both can be added to uninsulated attics or layered over existing material.

Loose-fill or batt insulation is typically installed in an attic. A lot of builders and homeowners are going with spray foam insulation because of the airtightness benefits. Control of ice dams, moisture accumulation and heat gain can be successfully addressed by both vented and unvented attic or roof design.

Nothing unusual about that. Building Unvented Attic Assemblies Using Fiberglass and Mineral Wool The 2018 International Residential Code (IRC) adds a new option for the use of fiberglass and mineral wool insulation in unvented roof assemblies in Climate Zones 1, 2, and 3 following basic requirements outlined in the code. To find out if you have enough attic insulation, measure the thickness of the insulation.

Insulation is then installed up to the bottom of the roof deck. A fundamental requirement of an unvented attic assembly is the use of air-impermeable insulation on the underside of the unvented roof to prevent air infiltration and exclude airborne moisture from the attic. Before any retrofit work is done, inspect the roof and attic;

However, the designs need to be climate sensitive. Single rafter joist vaulted ceiling cavities shall be of sufficient depth to allow a minimum one inch vented air space above the insulation. If you don’t want to use SIPs or nailbase, read this article tolearn the four basic approaches to insulating unvented roof assemblies.

Earlier this year I got a question about a home that had spray foam insulation in the attic. Install insulation along the underside of the roof deck of an unvented attic rather than on the ceiling deck of a vented attic for either of two reasons:

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