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However, some homeowners prefer to stain and seal their hardwood flooring themselves, in which case unstained maple wood is the best choice. We get this customer call weekly.

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Whether you’ll ever be able to remove the stain depends on a couple of factors, namely the type and condition of the wood and the kind of stain you’re dealing with, but under the best of circumstances many stains will be.

Unstained wood floors. The water base finishes produce really light, bright colors in the wood and oil base finishes produce a darker color with a pronounced amber tone. Dog urine should be cleaned as soon as it is spotted. Stained maple has been pretreated with a wood stain and is ready to install.

Don’t be confused if you discover several types of maple hardwood flooring available; This Home Depot guide provides step-by-step instructions to install solid hardwood flooring Unstained wood floors also work well with darker.

WeShipFloors features unfinished White Oak, Red Oak, Hickory, and Maple hardwood flooring at factory direct low prices. While there are many species of hardwood fit for flooring. Whether you choose to stain your wood project or not, it is important that you protect the wood with a clear finish, such as polyurethane.

Get free 2-day shipping on qualified Unfinished, Solid Hardwood products or buy Flooring department products today with Buy Online Pick Up in Store.. Cleaning unfinished wood can be a daunting task because there is no protective layer of varnish to protect the wood from damage. While wood stains add color and bring out the beauty of the wood, clear finishes protect the wood and enhance its beauty.

It is amazing the difference in floor color between a water base and oil base finish. Feb 15, 2012 – Explore coswick's board "Natural Unstained Oak Flooring", followed by 111 people on Pinterest. Wood flooring is one of the easiest types of floors to install.

We offer unfinished wood floors in the most basic varieties like our 2 1/4 Select Red Oak, to the most unusual varieties like 3, 4 & 5" Random Width Hickory! Natural Wood Floors Are a Better Option for DIY-ers For all the reasons above, skipping the staining step is a good alternative for those who try to finish or refinish their floors by themselves.. Consider your options by looking at the benefits of either side of this debate..

Certainly, there’s something to be said for each installation option. You finally decided on the perfect hardwood for your floors—whether that’s a deep, rich walnut, a warm cherry wood, or a rustic oak. One of the most important decisions to make involves stained wood flooring vs natural wood flooring, and this choice affects everything from the longevity of your wood floors to the atmosphere of your home.

See more ideas about Flooring, Hardwood floors and Wood species. Think about all the abuse your wood floors get just because they take it lying down. Most clear finishes are available in gloss, semi-gloss and satin sheens.

Maggie Allen June 15, 2016 at 12:28 pm. Simply put, unfinished hardwood allows you to take nature's design and make it your own. The wood on wood look is so heavy.

Wood floors are usually prized by homeowners for the warm, natural look that they give to any room. Check out our line of unfinished engineered hardwood flooring products below, which are grouped by wood species. There's no in-home sanding or finishing work.

In addition to our inventory of nearly 200,000 square feet of flooring in our own warehouse, our suppliers have several million square feet of unfinished wood floors available for immediate shipment. However, if your home features unsealed wood flooring, cleaning and maintaining the surface can. When Stain Is Not Necessary – Stained Versus Natural Wood Floors.

You can also buy stained or unstained maple. I think it is so great that we can have so many options in the first place for hardwood flooring. See more ideas about Flooring, Hardwood floors and Wood species.

Let me talk you out of staining your floors. Living with raw wood floors. You may feel exhausted by the number of decisions you need to make your hardwood flooring project, but taking the time to choose the option that’s best for you will save a…

Grit, dirt, mud, soot, dust, food debris, things stuck to the feet of pets—and you don’t even want to think about where they’ve been—all get pounded into the polyurethane finish and forced between the boards. It's the beauty of hardwood floors – untouched. Wood floors are durable and easy to maintain, but they're still subject to accidental gouges, scratches, and heavy wear.

My husband and I have been trying to decide on the type of floors we want for our living room, but I don’t think we have looked into unfinished wood at all. Since 2010 we've sold over 3,000,000 square feet of unfinished hardwood floors, to customers in each and every state in the US. Also with our engineered product the bottom ply is the same wood species as the top veneer adding even more dimensional stability to the hardwood flooring itself.

Besides building custom wood projects, I have also refinished a few hardwood floors as a remodeling contractor. However, because of this, unfinished wood needs to be cleaned more frequently… Deciding between prefinished or unfinished wood flooring can be difficult for any homeowner.

How should you clean wood floors? You can apply your own finish or add color with a unique stain. Unstained floors may be for you..

Unfinished hardwood floors are made from bare wood stock that's sanded and finished in place in the home. Back in November of last year, I had finally worked up the DIY gumption to sand down the oak hardwood floors in the front of our house. They differ from prefinished wood floors in that the wood used for prefinished floors is sanded, prepped and receives it's stain color and top coat at the manufacturing facility.

How to Clean Unfinished Wood.

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