Unexplained Wet Spot On Carpet

I do not think they are mold stains as the house is only 4 years old and never had a leak anywhere in the house or a damp floor. There is no leak either.

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She has stated that this has happened two nights now.


Unexplained wet spot on carpet. At first, we assumed our little boys spilled something. Have you ever had to endure the frustration of having spots and stains reappear a short time after a carpet cleaning? Right at the entrance to a room, the carpet has a wet spot.

After treatment, place a stack of paper towels or a clean white towel over the spot, and use a stack of books or something heavy to weigh it down. Within a week or so, the "damp spot" progressed to a puddle 4 by 6 feet that a wet vac couldn't really keep up with. Carpet stain diagnosis, cure, prevention guide:

Wet spot under carpet. Check your entire ceiling, not just the surrounding area of. If spores land on a wet or damp spot indoors that contains dust for them to feed on, mold growth will soon follow.

This article describes how to identify and diagnose carpeting stains at the edge of carpets near walls in buildings focusing on the cause of various interior wall and ceiling stains and explains how to recognize thermal tracking, thermal bridging stains, building air leaks, and building insulation defects. If you were to draw a line thru the house where the spots occur, it would be almost a straight line. There, it soaks up soil, dirt and bacteria in the pad and then through evaporation it pulls all of the soil to the surface of the carpet.

The spot was about a foot away from the wall where the breakfast bar and kitchen sink is located. My wife and I moved into a house about one year ago. When I stepped on it it got wetter so I used my carpet cleaner to suck up all the water and noticed 10 min later it was just a wet.

Our living room is carpet over carpet pad over concrete. You'll see that though the stained or faded area may be irregular, its edges will follow weaving lines that are ultimately rather straight. Then last night, it seemed like there were a few more spots.

Then, a couple of days ago, I woke up and sat on the couch. Just this past Monday (March 6th 2011) I was at work and my girlfriend was home alone, as normal on a Monday. There is a wet spot in the carpet.

This one has us flummoxed though. It is on the lower level of a split level house built in 1976; I have mysterious areas of water appearing in my carpet in my home.

Carpet Stain Diagnostic FAQs. A few weeks ago we noticed a wet squishy spot, about the size of a bath towel, in the middle of the living room. By admin | Posted on March 10, 2020.

They also don't have any animals and they themselves weren't wet or sweating. I assumed it was a spill and tried to. I have a dog but its DEFINATLY not the dog making the we spot.

What could it be? A professional cleaner uses a cleaning wand to inject detergent solution into the carpet to clean the spot. It's easy to spot this carpet stain or fading pattern too:

Wicking requires that the base of the carpet is wet. We started frantically vacuuming up the water a couple of times a day, and trying to find the leak. She said it had no odor or color.

Continually wet spot on our carpet. Is a small area and is away… This could be in the form of a wet spot, a stain, or perhaps even the leak itself.

If so, you are not alone. Moisture surfacing through concrete slab flooring 02/01/2008 6:11 AM As said before, the idea that the water is wicking up from under the slab is not that likely even in N. Ok I am new here, and joined just to put this here to see if i could get some answers.

So first, look for any signs on the ceiling for water damage. The drawer was not wet, nor was anything in the drawer above it, nor was any part of the dresser. This room is on a concrete slab.

On multiple occasions prior to this tracking process, I found my daughter’s bed with a wet spot in the middle similar to the incident logged below on 11 Feb. They have a young son, im not sure of his age. Flip the rug over and look at its back side to see evidence of prior repairs or re-weaving..

Here is the specific scenario where wicking causes a recurring spot. We tried to dry it up, but it has stayed wet for a couple weeks. The next occurance was a wet spot on her carpet next to the bed.

Wet spots in the living room carpet. I think a while ago someone said it could have somthing to do with air conditioning…but i have no idea.. I don't have a finished basement.

The wife says she feels a huge wet spot in the middle of their bed. The moisture permeates into carpet fibers and seeps down into the carpet pad. In my living room nowhere near a window about 4 ft away from my front door, and 3 ft away from wall I noticed a damp spot on the floor.

Carpeting is an area of the home that can be at high risk for mold growth. (If you are worried about your books getting wet or stained, put a piece of. Closet without making the closest wall wet at all, or the.

I just carpeted the basement floor so that kids can play on it. I didn't think much of it, I figured I had perhaps spilled water and not noticed. The wall and at least make the wet spot spread outward from the wall..

HOW TO PREVENT BROWN SPOTS ON CARPET? They are about 6 inches in area. Bizarre water leak in my house, with no discernible source..

In order to grow, mold needs moisture, oxygen, a food source, and a surface to grow on. There were no cups in the room, the ceiling had no wet spots, my daughter has not peed the bed since she was 2, and the windows were locked shut. Unexplained Brown Spots On Carpet.

My parents used to rent it out to a family for 10 years, and when we moved in there was very little upkeep done so the last year has been a series of fixing problems as they arise (usually simple). Wicking typically occurs when the carpet is wet.. Naturally we called a plumber to find what we were sure was a slab leak.

I am seeing some small brown stains on my carpet. If the carpet has. We're renting a 2-level townhome and have been here just under a year.

This morning, even worse. Not saturated, just wet spots all over. This dirty moisture then creates the brown spot in the middle of the carpet.

Causes of Reappearing Carpet Stains. California at this time of year. Wicking does not happen with dry carpet.

Unexplained Brown Spots On Carpet. Page 1 of 2 – Unexplainable Wet Spot – posted in Need Help With A Haunting?: Initially I started seeing them on the basement carpet.

The temporary fix was to rip up the carpet, knock a hole in the concrete slab, repair the leaking pipe, fill in the hole with quickcrete cement, and restretch the carpet once it and the pad had dried. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a wet spot on the livingroom carpet about the size of a dinner plate. I automatically smelled a wet spot and it had a very faint odor…

Purple grape juice is spilled on the carpet. She was the only person here, but there are also 3 cats and 2 small dogs.

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