Uneven Tiled Floor Is This Bad Workmanship

Hi Kat, it's about a year later but I just saw your thread. Help with all your tile needs (and extreme jackassery!) Flawed..

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We had a very bad experience with our tiled floor and shaun came in and rectified it to an amazing standard.

Uneven tiled floor is this bad workmanship. As part of our basement development, our contractor installed luxury vinyl plank over our concrete floors. Considering the price you paid I think you should have got a better job than that. The floor tiles should not have been cut on the outside of the screen, this cut should have been next to the linear drain, it looks wrong the way it is.

It is a porcelain tile that – and I did not know this – was cut from floor slabs into a 6.5 in square. It looks to me like he tiled over an uneven floor. – We had a floor installed recently that exhibits many of the characteristics you describe in the spot bonding section (particularly the tile on the left side of photo 19).

Did the tiler stagger alot and slurr his words(hic):8:the bad news is that it will cost you more to rip up and refit than the original fitting. In many cases, the crack is not the result of an inferior tile;

I saw that you said you got your money back from the last contractor and I'm wondering how? I'm not happy with how the floor tile came out. Shaun was professional from the ofset and made us feel very confident in his workmanship qualities.

You should call the tiler if you haven't already and tell him you need this fixing. Make sure he understands that you don't have to pay for bad workmanship. Uneven Tiled Floor Is This Bad Workmanship

How do I repair uneven floor tiles without ripping up entire floor? 'Lippage' is the industry term for floor tiles which, either due to bad workmanship, or naturally occurring differences in the calibration of tiles, have some edges and corners higher or lower than others, creating an uneven surface on which to tile. Types of Improper Floor Installation.

To redo the floor but that's no enough. He agreed to reduce his fee by a mere $500. I trust you have a proper contract in place for the building of this house..

To get the best results you have to level the floor or lay some kind of backer board down. If the rest of the floor is like this then it needs to be ripped up and relayed. I had my bathroom renovated while I was away last week.

The surface is paved with road tiles of different sizes tiling uneven floor vinyl tile over ceramic concrete,resolving uneven floor problems cleaning and tiling over laying tile,uneven bathroom floor tiles tiling job in tiled is this bad workmanship installing tile on concrete,uneven tile floor under toilet ceramic over concrete vinyl. Deflection not only applies to the floor joist but the entire flooring assembly. Beyond the uneven tile edges, we're occasionally hearing popping sounds when we walk on the floor – much like someone snapping their.

Lippage is the vertical displacement between two adjacent tiles of a ceramic, glass, or stone installation. I would have levelled the floor and laid the tiles for the price that you've paid. They should be laying tiles from bottom up..my tiler would lay them on the garage floor to measure then he'd cut the bottom tiles so he gets full.

However, rather than saying to the subcontractor this does not look good enough to me and. TrustedPros Ask The Pros Home Improvements How do I repair uneven floor tiles without ripping up entire floor? Bad placement – tiles need to be placed centrally over feature areas such as windows and niches.

We already paid our contractor. So ‘flawed’ is what I’ve decided to go with, although it barely conveys the absolute shit work you see on this page. Tiling an uneven floor ceramic tile very on floorboards..

Cracked tiles on floors and walls is a problem because it can be difficult to track down the source of the crack. Prior to installing the floors, I pointed out a large area (approx 2'x2') where there were dips, humps and grooves in the subfloor, making it quite uneven and requested confirmation that this would be addressed prior to floor installation. When excessive, this can lead to numerous problems, ranging from chipped edges to snagged furnishings and appliances to safety hazards.

I recently had the tiled area of my main floor replaced (approx. This 6,000 square foot home had marble and ceramic tile through most of the floor area. How to avoid a tile-installation disaster in your bathroom — and how to fix one.

Uneven surface – all your tiles should be smooth. Installer claims that the reason it is uneven is because the wall was uneven (house is 33 years old and had tile there before and was even) and that it is because of the type of tile I selected. We have just had a large area of tiling laid (around 50 sq m of 450 x 450 porcelain floor tiles) for our large open plan kitchen area.

Are tiles that Sound Hollow a Problem? If glue, nails or anything making the surface uneven or rough is left behind, the new floor will look bad, not last as long and could suffer damage. Both are bad when.

One classic call the TCA received was about a large home in the Aspen ski area. Is this a bad tiling job? Remove the tiles and lay a new substrate;

I don;t particularly like the two niches being offset uneven, this was a simple stud rearrangement which would have rectified this by your carpenter. If the preparation is uneven, some tiles will stick out from the rest which will look unsightly and be more prone to damage. Caused by installation of bowed, curved or corner warped tiles (should not have been laid in the first place!) or – tiling straight over a previously tiled surface without preparation – Uneven laying surface due to poor.

Shame on the contractor for trying to cover up for his tile setter’s poor workmanship.. 45 sqm on a new flat floor with nothing in i would kill for that. We just had our bathroom done and the results are just as bad — maybe worse!

In far more instances, the crack was caused by anomalies under or around the tile. Uneven tile surface, raise corners, lipping: I assumed the contractor would lay the tile out in a uniform way (yes I know– ass-u-me).

Uneven tiled floor is this bad workmanship diy tiling are uneven floor tiles fixable within tiling idea 0 amazing is this a bad tile install any hope of fixing when your tiled area is not quite right floor tiling defects. To my untrained eye, the quality of workmanship appears unsatisfactory. There are three options to resolve this:

'Lippage' is the industry term for floor tiles which, either due to bad workmanship or naturally occurring differences in the size of the tiles, have some edges and corners higher or lower than others, creating an uneven surface. The test number for tile floor systems is ASTM C-627 and uses a 300# point load. The bathroom is pretty small- about 4 1/2 feet by 5 feet of total floor space (plus bathtub).

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