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The type of underfloor heating you have, the material your flooring is made from and the tog rating of your underlay are all important considerations when choosing the best underlay for underfloor heating. The Foil heater is made up of a fibre reinforced foil wrapped around a thin multi strand, dual core heating cable that is insulated with an advanced fluoropolymer.

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Thermalay Wood Floor Underlay for Underfloor Heating, has a unique perforated design for use with underfloor heating.


Underfloor heating wood floor underlay. In fact, the constant changes in temperature caused by underfloor heating is arguably worse than the occasional rises and falls that there’ll be in bathrooms and kitchens. ThermoFloor is a 4-in-1 (heating, insulating, noise reducing, moisture abating) radiant floor heating underlayment specifically designed for laminate, glue-down and floating hardwood and engineered wood floors. When laying a floor over underfloor heating loops, the working temperature should be at least 18°C.

Your wood floor must be laid close to the subfloor and without an air gap, as air gaps can cause the wood to dry out very quickly. In order to successfully and efficiently run your home’s heating system, you should invest in high-quality underlay from the Carpet Underlay Shop. If you are using under floor heating you should use a special under floor heating underlay with a low rating of 0.35 tog..

At Wood and Beyond, we’ve worked hard to source what we believe to be the best range of underlays at great prices. This stops moisture travelling up from the ground and soaking your floor from underneath. It is imperative that you choose the correct underlay for your underfloor heating.

It has an ultra low tog rating 0.23 TOG. It is 2mm thick and has special perforations to aid with the transference of heat, this gives it an Ultra Low TOG rating of 0.23, making it a super choice for underfloor heating installations. Underfloor heating, Wood Flooring on July 22,.

Add to this, the fact that wood is a natural insulator and you’ll see precisely why solid wood flooring and underfloor heating are not good bedfellows. The advice is given to the best of our knowledge and experience but it’s important to review these guidelines with those of your underfloor heating manufacturer too. Our range of underlay for underfloor heating systems features products suitable for carpet, laminate, real wood and LVT flooring finishes.

Installing over underfloor heating. Thermalay has been specially designed to work with underfloor heating. What underlay should I use for my wooden floor?

Wood is slowing overtaking tiles as the most popular floor covering used with underfloor heating. If you’re not sure which products are right for your requirements, contact our expert technical team today. If you have underfloor heating, fitted with carpet and underlay, it will take slightly longer for the floor to get warm – but it will remain warm for longer.

This soundproofing acoustic underlay range features underlays ideal for use with carpet, hardwood, LVT and laminate flooring…some can even be used with underfloor heating systems too! Ideally suited for areas of high traffic. If you’re laying your floor over concrete or water-based underfloor heating, you’ll need an underlay with a Damp Proof Membrane.

Buy Online Underfloor Heating Underlay For Wood Flooring.. A floor can only be as good as the subfloor allows Humidity and temperature Curvature SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR FLOORS GLUED TO THE SUBSTRATE PAGE 5 General Adhesive used for gluing WOOD FLOORS AND UNDERFLOOR HEATING PAGE 6 Specific requirements for wood floors over underfloor heating Choice of wood floor Thermal conductivity in W/(m*K) Style your floors with shades of white and grey laminate, solid wood or engineered wood flooring to match your décor, or opt for natural wood effects to create a neutral ground for your living space in water resistant materials

We hold a regular stock of Arbiton Floor Plus and Floor Plus Silver Underlay as well as Timbermate Excel Underlay, all of which are suitable for both engineered and solid wood flooring. Electric Underfloor Heating Under Wooden Floors. Firstly, there are three main types of underfloor heating to choose between.

Number 2 is Thermalay Wood Flooring Underlay for Underfloor Heating. Many homes nowadays have underfloor heating beneath their wood or laminate floor. This is applicable to boards, subfloors and room temperature.

9 key points to always consider, what is the best type of wooden floor. This article will discuss installing electric underfloor heating under wooden floors: Types of underfloor heating.

We offer a wide selection of flooring underlay types for wood, laminate and carpets. It’s a form of insulation – which is why it’s easy to understand people’s concerns about using carpet (and underlay) with an underfloor heating system. It’s a great choice for underfloor heating too because it has a low tog rating which means it’s a good thermal conductor.

There is underlay for many different requirements such as fibre underlay for carpet to foam underlay which is suitable for wood laminate and carpet. If you are thinking about having underfloor heating with your bamboo flooring then you will probably need an underfloor heating underlay. Order online or call 0116 2741050

Carpet Underlays, Wood Flooring Underlays, Laminate Underlays, Tile Underlay and Specialist Underfloor Heating Underlays. They have been designed specifically for use with underfloor heating and have a very low Tog rating so that the heat can transfer from your heating system through to your bamboo floor. The Warmup Foil Heater is an electric underfloor heating system for laminate, engineered and other floating floor finishes.

The products we sell are of the highest quality underlays available on the market from EU suppliers, and many are made from eco-friendly recycled materials.

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