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Our overfloor systems can be installed directly over any solid subfloor such as existing floorboards, plywood or concrete/screed floors, or any solid surface such as existing tiles/wooden floors. You can even have both in the same room if you wish.

Overlay Underfloor Heating Installs over the top of

120-Volt Peel and Stick Radiant Floor Heating Mat for Tile and Glue-Down Floors (Covers 30.

Underfloor heating for existing floors. Its aluminium diffusion plates spread the heat evenly throughout the timber floor finish and its pipework and insulation is fitted within the void between joists. Underfloor heating warms up your floors and makes your whole house warmer. In most houses, the only place to do this is on a first floor where joist bays are open to the space below.

A thin Superfoil insulation can be used below the mesh. Warmzone offers some of the best floor heating options for heating under existing floors. What is the best solution for an existing concrete floor that requires water Underfloor Heating?

An electric system avoids the need to raise floor levels in existing rooms, and is a popular choice for heating single rooms. If you have access under a floor, simply staple UnderFloor mats between the joists. Easy to fit yourself.

A vapour barrier is obligatory for certain types of structural floors irrespective of age. When installing a floor on • ground-supported floors • structural floors above warm or humid areas (boiler rooms, laundry rooms) • above a crawl space foundation • warm floors (underfloor heating) Electric underfloor heating is often cheaper and easier (particularly in existing homes) to install than wet UFH.

Find out how to install underfloor heating with your existing flooring. For retrofit in existing concrete floors where there is less room to alter the floor height, another electric underfloor heating system may be a more suitable option. Electric systems consist of matting on to which cables connect into the home’s electrical circuit..

The Underfloor Heating Store‘s overfloor system for floating floors is made up of XPS insulation boards with a foil layer to evenly dissipate heat. Concrete Underfloor heating system selector for concrete screed timber or existing floors. However, the running costs can be three times higher.

In other words, fitting underfloor heating onto existing floors means removing the existing floor covering, adding insulation boards (if necessary), installing the heater on them and then laying down a new floor covering above the heating system. Water underfloor heating over existing floors We sell 3 different types of overfloor panels. Looking for the best underfloor heating system for joisted floors?

LoPro ® Lite is a strong, lightweight retrofit underfloor heating system. As the existing floors could not be lifted or disturbed, AmbiPlate 80 was the perfect solution, allowing installation of the UFH system from beneath. Get free 2-day shipping on qualified Under Floor Heating products or buy.

Electric mat radiant heat is best when sandwiched between the subfloor and the finish material, be it wood, tile, or carpet. SunTouch UnderFloor mat is a perfect radiant floor heating solution to warm nearly every type of floor covering. Subject to status, terms and conditions apply.

Tiled floors are ideal for use with UFH due to their low thermal. Can radiators and underfloor heating work together? The Inscreed Cable electric underfloor heating system is designed for installation in concrete screed thickness of 50mm to 100mm.

We dont want the heat from the underfloor heating to be lost through the existing concrete floor and so we want to put down insulation under the underfloor heating to stop the heat escaping into the concrete. The answer to this question is yes, you can have both systems on one boiler. The systems’ profile is usually too high to be laid over existing floors, as insulation/screed is fitted and increases the height by 75mm-150mm.

LoPro ® Lite retrofit underfloor heating. The Tectora Joisted Batten System is an ideal water underfloor heating solution for suspended timber floorboards. It is possible to create zones in your home, where one part gets heated via the radiators and others warm up with underfloor heating.

The RetroHeat floor heating system provides you with the means to enjoy radiant heated floors without having to tear out existing floors. A project we provided UFH for at St Lawrence Terrace in London was fitted with the Ambiplate 80 on the upper floors. Radiant heat can be added under your existing floor.

Due to this issue, UFH1 now provide an innovative and cost effective solution. The best way to retrofit radiant floor heating without disturbing an existing floor is to do it from below, against the underside of the subfloor. It is often a good idea to install electric underfloor heating in a small, single area like a bathroom or en suite, where it may be difficult to install wet underfloor heating.

We dont have high ceilings so we need the insullation to be as thin as possible – ideally a maximum 10mm. A great option for both ground and upper floor thanks to its weight.; These special mats warm existing floors without having to replace the floor covering.

Best Underfloor Heating Systems for Timber Floors. If you can access the floor joists from below, you can install RetroHeat and supplement your home's heating system as well as increase the value of your home. Warm water surface-mounted underfloor heating..

Require wet underfloor heating for your project? They are easy to lay and can be used on any floating floor such as engineered wood or 18mm floor-grade chipboard. Add radiant heat to your existing floors.

The main problem with conventional wet Underfloor Heating and existing properties, is the upheaval of existing floors. It can go under most existing flooring, including wood, tile, vinyl, and even carpet. Wet underfloor heating systems can effectively utilise the space between joists in a suspended timber floor construction, evenly distributing heat and maximising heat output.

Low profile at 15mm. Retrofit your floors with radiant heat today. The Underfloor Heating Store Ltd acts as a broker and offers credit from a restricted range of finance providers.

In this situation, hydronic radiant heat (water circulating through pipes) would be easier to install than electric mat radiant heat. It is very difficult to lift up the existing floor finish and lay the same floor back again after.

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Underfloor Heating For Existing Floors

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