Under Door Lever Tool

Insert a flat-head screwdriver putty knife or similar tool into the notch or under the faceplate edge, prying outward with gentle pressure.. Buy Keedex K-22 Lever Opening Tool by KEEDEX:

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Under The Door Lever Lock Tool.


Under door lever tool. THIS THING IS TOO BIG TO GO AIRMAIL. The K-EZR is designed to slide under a herculite door so you can service the cylinder without having to remove the door. Learn how to do it right and you'll open that door in less than 10 SECONDS!

Named after an ex-FBI burglary investigator, this is a custom tool I made to open doors which have handles (as opposed to knobs). American Key Supply Under-the-Door Lever Opener Tool (MK200) (LOCK MONKEY) – PLEASE SELECT GROUND SHIPPING WHEN MAKING PAYMENT. Useful for hotel operators when card locks malfunction, the Under the Door Lever Lock Tool opens lever handles from the inside.

Scripts and Picks Tuesday, September 11, 2012. "How to Remove the Faceplate From a Lever Door Knob. American Padlock Bypass Tool -by Peterson.

DIY Mule Tool, Under the Door Tool, home made mule tool. Well, you guessed it this tool works by fishing it under the door, specifically doors with lever handles. It seems to be a coveted item for some reason..


Lever Opening Tool (Use this Stock Number when ordering 5 or more) K-22-5+. The Stretch – Under Door Tool – FLAT BLACK FINISH Well you guessed it this tool works by fishing it under the door, specifically doors with lever handles. Under Door Tool Kit Instructions .

That’s right, straight under the door! This tool is not toThe Under The Door Tool has one use, and its execution is swift and faultless: The Lever Lock secures the entire lever handle, which makes it impossible for a wire-type device to pull the handle down to open the door.

By holding the handle and ring the tool is slid under the center of the door and the manipulated so that it is vertical on the center line of the door. The device, which is only about 4-5mm thick, is slid between the bottom of the door and the floor. UHS Hardware Home ;

To meet building codes, lever handles are added to, or put or in place of, a round door knob. Keedex will not be responsible for the misuse of this tool. This tool is to be sold only to locksmiths and law enforcement agencies.

This tool is not toThe Under The Door Tool. Tool Shop Locks Gadgets Products Door Levers James Bond Plastic Cutting Board Appliances Door Latches. Under The Door Lever Lock Tool.

If you select Airmail, there may be a delay while we try and figure out how to get this to you. Sparrows Stretcher Under Door Tool. Once placed under the door you can view the set-screw with its' reflective.

Item Weight 6.4 ounces Package Dimensions The Lever Lock is an additional security device used to prevent wire-type instruments from opening doors with lever handles. Under The Door Lever Tool.

It is then lifted such that the wire can hook onto the latch. Lock Bypass Tools take advantage of design flaws and installation errors to gain easy access and open these locks.. Product information Technical Details.

The Under Door Tool occasionally referred to by some suppliers as a “lever opening tool” – is one of – the fastest and most effective ways of entering a target room or facility. Locks Co is an award-winning wholesaler and distributor of locks, door hardware, safes and security systems. Under The Door Tool.

DIY Under the Door (MULE) Tool There's been a lot of dust kicked up over this type of tool. "Under the door tool" is like a master key. It goes underneath a door and pulls open a door handle from the inside.

Keedex Lever Opening Tool SKU # KD/K22 . From Top of the Lever Catch to the Bottom of the Curve 42" Copper Wire Door Unlocking Tool:

Slide this tool under most doors to grab the handle on the other side and open it.One of my friends at MIT is very involved in the hacker culture there. We have been in business for 60 years, proudly serving thousands of locksmiths, hardware stores, access control specialists, integrators, contractors, and institutions… Keedex K-22 Lever Opening Tool.

By holding the handle and ring the tool is slid under the centre of the door and the manipulated so that it is vertical on the centre line of the door. He described a tool hackers there use to open doors that slides under a door and pulls on the.

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