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We typically put one under the concrete. If your house is elevated and the crawlspace is under that elevation so as to be exposed to the outdoor air, then you are fine:

How to Carpet a Basement Floor Basement Basement

Do Hardwood Floors Need Moisture Barrier?.

Under carpet vapor barrier. What is the purpose of the vapor barrier under the wood floor?Is it always nessary to insall vapor barrier? The Pros & Cons of Moisture Barrier Carpet Padding.. Finished basements often receive a vapor barrier layer between the concrete and the floor treatment to prevent damage from heavy rains or other moisture seepage.

Any large quantity of liquid that is spilled and soaks through the carpet will quickly spread out on top of a moisture barrier pad. My understanding of the building science behind criterion 7.4 is that basements are just more humid than other parts of the house – whether a vapor barrier was laid or not. Y_2020, m_3, d_31, h_16CST

How to Install Insulation Under a Mobile Home Subscribe for weekly inspiration.. Dear Tim Not much if you are going to install a nail down floor and punch a thousand holes through it. See what goes into waterproofing a basement, too.

Good morning, The other user gandrew is right about using a vapor barrier plastic sheeting underneath your floors in the crawlspace, but you can also go a step further and use a higher-quality carpet pad that has anti-microbial treatment in it alongside a vapor barrier. You sould put a sealer on the concrete to prevent moisture from moving through it or use a product like the one shown in the link below. A little additional moisture vapor barrier installation can help prevent mold.

It also self-adhesive, which will make installation even quicker. We are able to replace your carpet and. Home >> Ask Bob & Betsy Series >> Do Hardwood Floors Need Moisture Barrier?

When the insulation and vapor barrier have been installed, lay a new floor. Vapor 3-in-1 Moisture Underlayment: Moisture vapor follows the same principle as heat, always moving from a higher concentration to a lower concentration.

Some folks think that a moisture barrier pad will help protect their beautiful hardwood floors from being ruined from any potential liquid spills when carpet and a moisture barrier pad is installed over the top of the hardwood floors. Do you have a product that might work for this? Installing a moisture barrier underneath your carpet is a always a good idea.

However, it is possible to beat sub-floor moisture problems altogether, by choosing carpet tiles that are specifically designed to excel in high-moisture situations. Get free 2-day shipping on qualified Moisture Barrier, Carpet Padding products or buy Flooring department products today with Buy Online Pick Up in Store. Do you know if there are any contra-indications to putting the vapor barrier on TOP of the concrete to separate it from the carpet pad.

If you're going with just the vapor barrier under the carpet approach, use something a LOT heaver than 6 mil polyethylene, since it will behave a slip surface under the carpet underlayment and will likely abrade through in high traffic areas well before the carpet needs replacing. How to Insulate a Porch Floor to Make a Sunroom By Chris Deziel. We are looking for a product that can be laid on a concrete slab to act as a vapor barrier between the concrete and the carpet we plan to put in our basement.

Because of that, moisture will likely condense on the slab, under the carpet and pad and will lead to the growth of. STEGO WRAP 15-mil VAPOR BARRIER: Do i need a vapor barrier?

If that path is blocked by a vapor barrier, eventually the moisture side of the VB will reach equilibrium with the source of moisture. Like all ThermalDry® tiles, it creates a thermal break in your basement floor and a vapor barrier that prevents moisture from the concrete basement floor to reach your carpet or create humidity in your basement air. Vapor Barriers under Concrete Floor Slabs:

Stego Wrap claims they have a virtually zero permeance under concrete slab vapor barrier. The TV room had original hardwood under the carpet I ripped up and I put the vinyl in place of the carpet. However, the vapor barrier under the slab must have a lower degree of permeance than the flooring (or floor covering) above the slab.

Vapor barriers are applied to the interior walls in climates which are predominantly cold while they are best applied to exterior wells in predominantly hot climates. Their 15 mil vapor barrier also controls radon gas, is resistant to hot/cold temperatures, resistant to soil chemicals & pollutants, and like I said allows virtually Zero water vapor transmission up through the slab. In this case the moisture cannot escape through the barrier and the pad will never dry properly, thus, it must be removed.

There are two main criteria your carpet tiles need to meet, to beat sub-floor moisture problems: Stuff them into the spaces and staple a plastic vapor barrier to the joists when you are done. Any kind of persistent moisture will allow mold to get a foothold and soon ruin carpet or wood flooring.

If you have moisture problems you need to fix that before any plastic goes down. Betty, I have never put a vapor barrier under carpet in a basement. Vapor barrier 3-in-1 underlayment is perfect for installation under laminate flooring to allow your floor to float and give a moisture barrier.

What about pass through on urethane pad? Some time ago we used flooring paper to speed up the installation, and […] By Steve Ragan, Director, Research and Technical Services The answer to this controversial question, from both angles, is a qualified “yes.” Vapor barriers have been associated with certain concrete slab-on-grade problems including curling and cracking.

For a dry, mold-free finished basement floor, always install a vapor barrier before laying a wood subfloor or carpet pad. I agree not to plastic under carpet for noise and its a pain to put it under anything as the pad you put over the plastic slids all over the place. Basically, the slab is cooler than the air around it.

Or pads with the vapor barrier top? Acoustical Underlayment with Vapor Barrier for Luxury Vinyl Flooring Questions – page 2; I was also thinking of removing the bat insulation and replace it with close cell foam..

Install the insulation between the joists, with the vapor-barrier.

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