Umbrella For Pool Tanning Ledge

So I have to figure this out in the next couple of days. The ledge is on the right side of the pool in the picture.

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We are VERY happy with the water depth on the ledge.


Umbrella for pool tanning ledge. Add More to Your Tanning Shelf. Whether you’re relaxing or entertaining poolside, Ledge Lounger chaise lounges and pool furniture make a convenient and stylish addition to your pool-scape. Each year the swimming pool goes through some minor changes.

The Tanning Ledge Choice Pool Umbrella features a 1.5” diameter pole in 7 finishes. We have no additional step into. A favorite of every pool-dweller, lights and bubblers add a tranquility to the tanning ledge experience.

The Tanning Ledge Select Pool Umbrella features a 2” diameter pole in 4 finishes. If you’re having an inground pool installed, here’s how you could use a tanning ledge to add both function and class to your backyard pool. Two bubblers, with an umbrella hole in middle.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when a pool umbrella is in the pool, it may be lower (in height) than you imagine. The original, eye-catching Ledge Lounger design that is seen on pool ledges around the world, the Chaise is designed for shallow areas with water depths of 0-9 inches. The 14-Inch Side Table is designed for use on a ledge with water depths up to 10 inches or on a deck.

Tanning ledges, baja shelves and sun shelves are all different terms used for the same inground pool feature. Adding a side table to your in-water chaise lounger gives more of the resort feeling and usage while at home. The Ledge Lounger Aluminum Umbrella Base is both functional and sleek.

Very few ever lasting more than 1 year, even ones costing 3 and 4 times what this one costs.. Use your tanning ledge as a space for sunbathing, sipping on summertime cocktails, or splashing in the shallows with your little ones. There is a variety of add-ons to choose from, of course, and one of them is the tanning ledge.

Ledge Lounger’s customizable Select and Choice Series Umbrellas are designed to be in the water and available in multiple sizes, shapes and fabrics. This beautiful custom pool was designed to maximize the space of a small backyard. Whatever name you decide to call it, a sun shelf is a flat, shallow area in your pool, before the deep end of the swimming pool.

Aqua Chairs in pool chaise lounger was developed to be used on your pool tanning ledge, sun shelf, baja ledge, on the beach, or on your pool decking. Even with the water on your tanning ledge keeping you cool, you might want an umbrella to shade a wider area. The 30" diameter table is the perfect size to hold your drinks, books or games while enjoying your tanning ledge.

The Ledge Lounger Signature Chaise provides a stylish, contoured place to relax on your tanning ledge. >The Ledge Lounger In-Pool Chair is meant to help you make the most of your pool's tanning ledge. It has a raised spa which has a spillover into the pool.

This durable, UV-resistant umbrella is perfect for pairing with our Tanning Ledge Pool Side Table or Tanning Ledge Pool Ice Bin Side Table. Inter-Fab's removable in-pool table assembles in minutes and is the perfect addition to any swimming pool tanning ledge with an existing umbrella sleeve. A tanning ledge is a versatile and attractive addition to any vinyl or fiberglass pool.

Adorn your tanning ledge with matching tile or a custom mosaic tile design. Perfect your poolscene with the perfect finishing touch, a Ledge Lounger Choice Umbrella. What is a tanning ledge, baja shelf or sun shelf?

BOXHILL’s Tanning Ledge Select Pool Umbrella keeps you cool in the shade all summer long. Featuring high quality materials, and options for in-pool and on deck use, Ledge Lounger Umbrellas are as durable as they are stylish. We have a 12" Water depth tanning ledge.

We have lived 30 years on the ocean front, and 12 years with a swimming pool. I mentioned I would be discussing a little more about the Ledge Loungers I purchased for the baja step. Imagine a built-in umbrella stand creating a little shade for the especially sunny days.

They’re large, shallow shelves. If you have a pool with a baja step or you’re thinking about building a pool with a baja step or sometimes called a tanning ledge,hopefully this Ledge Lounger review will help you make a decision about your potential purchase! We have gone through a lot of umbrellas in all that time.

It is tempting to stick the umbrella right in the center but this actually would result in only half of the ledge having shade due to the angle of the sun. Intended to work seamlessly with the Ledge Lounger In-Pool Side Tables, the umbrellas feature the same weather-defying fabric used on the Ledge Lounger Pillows.Both Umbrella options are made from the best outdoor materials available and designed to be in the water. We don't like 6" ledge water because it is dirty in the pools we have visited.

It's super easy to install! A sun shelf goes by many different names including a Baja shelf, tanning shelf or even a tanning ledge. California Umbrella 9' Round Aluminum Market Umbrella, Crank Lift, Auto Tilt, Bronze Pole, Royal Blue Olefin.

Many people, who grew up in sunny areas with access to a beach, may remember two things: Ledge Lounger in-water furniture and accessories are made with durable material and designed to fit perfectly on your tanning ledge or Baja shelf. A tanning ledge was incorporated along with ledge loungers and an umbrella sleeve to make greater use of limited space for the overall space.

Aqua Chairs in pool chaise lounger was developed to be used on your pool tanning ledge, sun shelf, baja ledge, on the beach, or on your pool decking. This allows for the homeowner […] Featuring a smooth, contemporary design, our Aluminum Bases can be paired with classic, center pole umbrellas with 1.5” or 2” poles.

Paddle ball and chairs close to the water. Pool owners usually incorporate this feature into their pool for several reasons. Stay cool all summer long under BOXHILL’s Tanning Ledge Choice Pool Umbrella.

The Signature Collection is our trademark, in-water furniture designed for use on your pool’s tanning ledge, Baja shelf, or sun shelf. Our tanning ledge is circular, 10' diameter. From 10 to 15 inches for a deeper ledge;

My thought was to have two sleeves… This durable, UV-resistant umbrella is perfect for pairing with our Tanning Ledge Pool Side Table or Tanning Ledge Pool Ice Bin Side Table. The powder coated aluminum sleeve and hole for optional pinning offer superior umbrella security and pole support.

When using an umbrella in the pool, especially in a salt pool, be sure to use one that is stainless steel, aluminum or fiberglass, or some other material impervious to chlorine and salts. Classic Umbrellas offer a variety of pairing options such as Ledge Lounger Tables, Islands, or umbrella sleeves. Customize the color to fit your outdoor scene.

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