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The Serene’s sustained burn technology enables you to heat your home to a pleasant, even temperature and allows you to get a longer-lasting fire from the same amount of wood. The ultra-low emission burners (or ULEBs) bring a new approach to clean-air wood fires.

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Carbon is continually cycling through all living plants and animals.

Ultra low emission wood burner nz. Masport Waimakariri Ultra Low Emission Burner – FREE FLUE KIT WITH THIS FIRE. A ULEB is an Ultra Low Emission Burner. This high efficiency means you will use less wood and reload the fire less frequently.

– Peak Output 15.2kw during emission testing – Flue Kit + Heat Shield Included – Cook Top Insert woodburners have varying fascia mimicking the detailing of old fireplaces. Authorised burners We test burners to make sure they can pass an emissions test before authorising them for use based on their factory settings.

On this page, you will find out steps manufacturers and suppliers need to take to get a wood burner authorised and tested. Ultra low emission The Serene outperformed the testing standards for emissions and wetback use, meaning it can be installed in any home throughout New Zealand. Some ultra-low emission burners even have a USB charging port.

For the very best in urban or rural wood burning fireplaces – traditional log burners, highly efficient wood burners, rural wood fires, wood stoves, ultra low emission burners and clean air fireplaces – you’ll find what you are looking for in our Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Nelson and Christchurch specialist heating stores. Ultra Low Emission Burners or ULEB’s fill a vital role in Canterbury as the ONLY fire type that can be fitted inside the clean air zone in new homes and homes with no current solid fuel device suitable for replacement. Freestanding Radiant Wood Fireplaces.

If you live in Canterbury you have no doubt heard the word ULEB passed about. Homeowners are literally queuing to find out more about the approved, clean-burning, ultra low-emission burner (ULEB) woodburning fires, and placing orders in advance of local stock arriving in. Ultra Low Emission Burners..

Woodsman Serene Ultra Low Emission Burner 16kW Charcoal 6022. EASE OF USE Most ULEBs require you to manually start the gasification process (burning the gasses created by the wood burning) when the fire reaches Tropicair Duo ULEB – Ultra Low Emission Burner (woodburner) *** Can be installed ANYWHERE *** *** NEW INSTALLS OR REPLACEMENT *** *** NEW HOME OR OLD HOME *** —- Voted Top Woodburner with Consumer NZ —- Tropicair Duo ULEB Ultra Low Emission Burner Fire:

The Canterbury Method 1 is intended to provide sufficient flexibility to allow both conventional and radically different designs of wood burner to be tested for consideration under Environment Canterbury’s Ultra Low Emission Burner (ULEB) authorisation procedures. You can check if a burner is authorised by finding it on the lists below. Masport, Woodsman and Rinnai belong to the top-selling brands in New Zealand..

The Metro Ultra fires are the first New Zealand made and approved, single chamber, ultra-low emission wood burners. ULEBs are designed to provide more heat with less fuel and produce less emissions than traditional wood burners. Burning wood is considered carbon-neutral because it does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide cycling through the atmosphere.

An ultra-low emission wood burner is a burner that under strict real-life operating conditions can meet an emissions and efficiency standard of 38 milligrams per megajoule or emits less than 0.5 grams of total suspended particulate per kilogram of fuel burned and has a thermal. Blaze King pioneered & began manufacturing award winning catalytic wood fires in Canada 30 years ago, reputed to be one of the most efficient log fires in the world. ULEB Ultra Low Emission Burners to suit areas that require low emissions such as Canterbury and Christchurch.

Ultra Low Emission Burning status permits the Sirocco to be installed into any home. You have 0 items; Ultra low emission wood burners are a new type of fire championed in Christchurch and in the Nelson area.

Visit our showroom, we have a wide selection of both low emission and ultra low-emission wood burners (ULEB’s) suitable for new home builds, rebuilds, home upgrades and retro fit heating. Lower emissions ratings means Ethos woodfires are well below the strictest emission standards across both Australia and New Zealand. With over 30 models to choose from, we have a wood fire to suit all New Zealand homes.

These are very new to the market and have had to pass a very stringent testing method called CM1. I have found the high setting of the fan to be quite loud and pretty annoying, however the low speed setting is fine – you can sort of hear it in the background, but it is not distracting. Clean Air Zone/Air Sheds

Modern wood fires look stylish and some are also effective in terms of heating. A radiant wood fire transfers about two thirds of its heat by radiation and one third by convection. Emissions testing) as New Zealand’s most efficient Ultra Low Emission Burner at 79% efficiency.

These ULEB’s can be fitted into any new home or house where solid fuel heating has never been before. Wood Burners & Gas Fires, BBQ's, Outdoor Furniture. Traditional styling, superior quality & construction.

The fan on the log burner has two selectable settings, and is designed to switch on automatically when the fire is sufficiently hot. Some have much bigger windows than others, which can enhance your living area’s ambience, while others have a variety of coloured panels. Woodsman Serene 16kW Ultra Low Emission Burner Wood FIre.

Radiant wood fires heat quickly and if you sit close to them you can get warm even if the whole room has not had time to warm up. Masport Rakaia Ultra Low Emission Burner – FREE FLUE KIT WITH THIS FIRE $ 3,599.00 Add to cart; Meeting the ultra-low requirements of the CM1 test through incredibly low emissions even during the start-up phase using real life fuel.

At 79% efficient, it’s the fireplace for the eco conscious wood fire owner, meeting all NZ clean air standards including the strict CM1 emissions tests. The UL200 is chosen by Jayline customers for its record setting ultra-efficiency and because its European-inspired design and full flame view make it a true feature in today’s Kiwi homes. If you do have some device in your home capable of burning wood then contact …

Approved ultra-low emission burners (ULEBs) If you live in Airshed B2 (Stoke) or C (Nelson North), and are either building a new home or do not have an existing enclosed wood burner, youcan applyfor a building consent to install an ultra-low emission wood burner (ULEB). With two fire chambers and distinctive vertical orientation, they allow for different styling from traditional wood fires. Finally, consider how the woodburner looks.

Ultra Low Emission Wood Burners are the new generation of wood fires. It is an environmentally concious and futureproofed heating solution.

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