Ul Wood Roof Ceiling Assemblies

Code for some of the assemblies where metal plate connected wood trusses are used. Screw fastened perpendicular to lower chord of wood trusses of 2 x 4 (38 mm x 89 mm)

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The previously UL assemblies held by Trus Joist now have a generic I joist specification and can be found on UL directory searches.

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Ul wood roof ceiling assemblies. Steel Stud Chase Walls. Also, the CFD7T may be installed in the ceiling membrane of such. The Directory of Listed Building Products,.

Class A, B or C prepared roof coverings may be used on wood floor designs without a reduction of the fire-resistance rating, provided a Understanding The UL Directory 3 1. Gypsum Wallboard Roof/Ceilings – Wood Framing (Pitched Roof Truss) 11 1 hr.

UL Designs & Thickness — Roof Assemblies We are inspired to influence how the world is built. Rated Steel Column Assemblies. 2015 IBC Inspection of Fire-Resistance Rated Floors, Ceilings and Roofs.

Fire Tested Assemblies . Wood Stud Partitions with. These standards include the test methods ASTM E119, ANSI/UL 263, CAN/ULC-S101, and NFPA 251.

Type of Rated Horizontal Assemblies Floor, Roof, Floor/Ceiling or Roof/Ceiling. Wood-framed, including dimensional lumber, engineered joist and. UL BXUV.GuideInfo Section III.19 includes the following:

The general rule of thumb when using an assembly that wasn’t tested with insulation is that it’s ok to add it for walls but an additional ceiling layer of gypsum is required when adding it to floor/roof assemblies. Roof/ceiling applications as long as the minimum depth at end bearing is maintained. Below is a list of some of the fire rated assemblies for Firefree 88.

As explained there, these ratings are applied to certain types of roof/ceiling and floor/ceiling construction assemblies, which are tested and assigned hourly ratings mandated by building codes or other building safety requirements. Modifying approved assemblies Calculated wood assemblies Eave overhangs and protection of soffits 2015 IBC Inspection of Fire-Resistance Rated Floors. To find an assembly that meets your project specifications, scroll down to the NUMBERING SYSTEM FOR FIRE-RATED ASSEMBLIES table and use the hyperlinks in the table to locate the types of construction needed (e.g.

GENERAL The following information is applicable to all fire-resistive designs described in this Directory. Assemblies using USG products and systems, as well as the related. 5/8-inch gypsum board installed on top of the bottom flange (this is the same configuration as Option 6, with slightly thicker gypsum when the I-joist spacing is up to 24 inches) Both assemblies allow builders to take advantage of all of the performance benefits of I-joist floor assemblies, including improved fire protection.

Assemblies listed by Intertek Assemblies listed by PFS Floor-ceiling, beams, roof-ceilings, walls and partitions or columns) and the type of protection anticipated in the installation. It is a key differentiator for products within the exterior wall assembly market.

All of these tests are based on the standardized fire time-temperature curve shown below. Class A, B or C roof coverings may be applied directly to the concrete or wood surface of floor/ceiling designs being used as ro of/ceiling designs Additional means to specify fire rated assemblies are as follows:

Please contact us for more detailed information or if you would like a fire resistant assembly drawing. Use of floor/ceiling designs for roof/ceiling or reverse: UL Standards An overview of UL Standards for Safety, how they are developed, and how they related to installation codes and regulations.

Ul Fire Rated Roof Ceiling Assemblies. If you are unfamiliar with UL Fire Resistance Ratings, begin with a review of meeting Code Requirements, pg. Beam and girder substitution:

Published by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Fire-rated wood-frame assemblies can be found in a number of sources including the . Floor and ceiling track of wood or steel runners.

Rated Steel Beam Assemblies. S Beam Designs for Roof-Ceiling Assemblies U or V Wall and Partition Designs X or Y Column Designs II. IBC, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Fire Resistance Directory, Intertek Testing Services' Directory of Listed Products, and the Gypsum Association's .

Fire Ratings specified in this section pertain to UL Classifications which are based on standard test method ANSI/UL263, ASTM E11 9, UBC 7-1, NFPA 251, CAN/ULC – S101M PANEL AND TILE TYPES: Nailor 0714 and 0716 Ceiling Dampers are for use in square or rectangular applications, in lieu of hinged door type dampers in any UL/ULC floor/ceiling or roof/ceiling assembly with up to a 3 hour fire resistance rating where air ducts are allowed. Below are several references to support this.

FC 202-2 Hour Floor-Ceiling Assembly. The UL Certification Mark on fire resistant products, systems and assemblies is relied on by code enforcement officials and buyers to provide confidence that products and systems meet regulatory and market requirements. The American Wood Council (AWC) and its members

For the most up-to-date fire-resistance ratings, refer to the UL Online Certifications Directory, UL L570. Assemblies listed in our ICC-ES Code Evaluation Report ESR-1153 for TJI joists. Fire Resistance Design Manual.

UL P533 Roof/ceiling, One layer 5/8" (15.9 mm) Fire-Shield C GA RC 2603 Wallboard attached to 1/2" (12.7 mm) resilient furring channel spaced 12" o.c. Technical Guide for Fire-Rated Assemblies – LP Building Products The ceiling membrane of UL rated fire resistive floor-ceiling and roof-ceiling assemblies.

Adding Insulation to Wall Assemblies Estimated range of acoustical performance is based on laboratory test data of similarly constructed assemblies. For additional information on USG fire-rated assemblies, CAD, BIM content and specifications,.

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