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We hope the information here will be helpful. Under such exposures, roof coverings of this class afford a moderate degree of fire protection to the roof deck, do not slip from position, and are not expected to produce flying brands.

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ASTM E108 defines fire test methods for roof coverings.

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Ul roof assemblie concrete on deck. Structural Panel Concrete Roof Deck is versatile and economic option for both low and steep slope roofs. These tests may be conducted at UL Inc., FM Global, or any other certified testing laboratory. Assembly Rating Type of Protection Concrete Thickness & Type (1) Classified Deck Type U.L..

Or, Classified Steel Floor and Form Units* Wide pressure sensitive cloth tape. Optional glass fiber or mineral fiber batt or loose fill insulation applied directly gypsum board.

Under these conditions, the designer may review the Conditions of Acceptance for restrained and unrestrained assemblies and beams in UL 263 for additional guidance in determining whether restrained This powerful, free database features robust and intuitive search features, advanced search and filtering options and access to UL guide information. The Dek Design Team® is a full-service technical group dedicated to the engineering, design, and support of Metal Dek Group® products and services in application.

Fire Resistance Ratings – ANSI/UL 263 Page 4 of 7. Steel decking is used in many applications, but is particularly well suited to roofing and flooring. I checked UL – D916 which is fairly generic and it requires 4 1/2 inches of concrete over the top of the deck to make 2 hours without spraying the deck.

The actual use of DensDeck® Prime Roof Board as What are these ratings? Joint Cover — 2 in.

Questions often arise about the construction needed to achieve a Class A, B, or C fire rating for a roof assembly. Concrete thickness is thickness of slab above deck, in. Those that have passed UL 1256 may be found in the UL Roofing Materials & Systems Directory.

For additional information on USG fire-rated assemblies, CAD, BIM content and specifications,. Constructed of steel with metal edge screeds. Concrete thickness is thickness of slab above deck, in.

It is based on data and knowledge considered to be true and accurate and is offered for consideration, investigation and verification by the user, but we do not warrant the results to be obtained. Roof Assembly — (Not Shown) — As an alternate to the floor assembly (Item 1), a fire rated fluted steel deck roof assembly may be used. Concrete 72 W8 x 15 P264 10K1 Metal Roof Deck Panels Batts and Blankets 60 NS P265 10K1 26 MSG Min.

Fire Safety Building assembly’s The period of time the assembly will serve as a barrier to the spread of. Welded to the top flange of the beam through the deck. 1.4 Class B roof coverings are effective against moderate fire test exposures.

UL's P561 roof assembly allows for a 1, 1-1/2, or 2 hour configuration using either a hot-mopped or cold applied roof membrane and Sure-Span's steel framing joist system.. 8" (15.9 mm) Dens Deck® Prime Roof Board can replace any generic type X gypsum board in any roof assembly in the UL Fire Resistance Directory under the prefix “P.” Limitations DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards are designed to act with a properly designed roof system. Provided to the building assembly during a fire condition than was provided to the test sample during the fire test.

For More Information Class 1 and Class A roof assemblies are not the same. When the trench header is located near the supports the load carrying capacity of the span Assembly Rating is equal to the Restrained Assembly Rating.

UL Designs & Thickness — Roof Assemblies We are inspired to influence how the world is built. Min when wire mesh is not used.. E108 defines the following conditions:

More about UL support for code authorities. Fiber Board 48 W6 x 16 P267 10K1 Metal Roof Deck Panels Batts and Blankets 1.5 Class C roof coverings are effective against light fire test exposures.

Thickness of vermiculite concrete between the top of the roof deck and the bottom of the foamed plastic insulation shall be 1/8 in. Trench Header — (Bearing the UL Listing Mark). A full line of deck accessories, such as end closure and pour stop, is also.

The UL 790 (ASTM E 108) Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Roof Coverings UL Design Number Restrained Assembly Rating Protection Material Minimum Joist Size Concrete Special Area Requirements NL = Not Listed NS = Not Specified * 118. A secure, online source for increased visibility into your UL project files, product information, documents, samples and services.

Certification Database — UL Product iQ™. The roof assembly shall be constructed of the materials and in the manner described in the individual P700, P800 or P900 Series Roof-Ceiling Design in the UL Fire Resistance Directory. Certifications Information that identifies manufacturer’s UL Certified products and systems and the applications for which they have been investigated.

Ask the Dek Design Team ® Let Us Help. It seems like the question should be is there a UL design which matches the installation. 4″ over deck is listed as 1 1/2 hour.

Trusses supporting metal roof deck panels covered by 1/2” (12.7 mm) regular gypsum sheathing either loose laid, or adhesively or mechanically attached to roof deck. Roof assembly search tool.

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