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Backed by a 100+ year legacy of trusted manufacturing performance, all Landmark shingles include CertainTeed’s industry-leading, lifetime-limited warranty. Weathering-grade asphalt and tough Fiberglas® mat construction give them superior weatherability, and they are backed by a 60 mph wind-resistance warranty and carry UL Fire and Wind Resistance Ratings.

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Ul rating roof shingles. Each manufacturer has shingles on the market that have been tested and rated by underwriters’ laboratories using specific units of standards and testing measurements that qualify as hail impact resistant shingles. When the shingles are installed over existing roof coverings, the Class A fire classification is maintained. Impacts on asphalt shingles (e.g., from hail) can damage them.

Products that receive a Class 4 rating from UL are the most resistant to hail damage. Dual-layered construction provides extra protection from the elements UL Class A, Listed to ANSI/UL 790.

Each individual shingle, tile, shake, panel, sheet, etc. The list of approved laboratories is shown below. April 25, 2014 .

January 1, 1999, all individual shingles, tiles, shakes, panels, sheets, etc. It is one of the highest-quality shingles on the market. Make a statement with the bold, impactful, long-lasting colors of Pinnacle® Pristine Natural Expressions with Scotchgard™ Protector from 3M.

2218 classification and with the manufacturer’s name, the date of manufacture, and brand name; UL Subject 2375 Issue No. A Class 4 roof covering receives the highest premium credit.

Consumers can check individual UL listings – usually present on the product packaging – to find out the wind velocity resistance of individual brands. When tested to UL 2218, shingles can achieve an impact-resistance rating from Class 1 through 4, with a Class 4 rating being the highest and best. They go through rigorous tests to ensure that they have the highest possible resistance to wind, storms, and other possible impacts.

Highest Roofing Fire Rating: In the test, steel balls are dropped on roof shingle samples and the shingles are examined for damage. There are several different classes of products in a one through four rating system with UL 2218 Class 4 being the best.

In addition to a description of what they like and dislike about their shingles, homeowners also rate their satisfaction from 5 (very satisfied) to 1 (very unsatisfied). UL Subject 2375, Outline of Investigation for Hip and Ridge Shingles (UL Fire and Wind Tests) ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Alternative Asphalt Roofing Shingles (AC438), Dated March 2012 4. The first rating is a Class 1 shingle that has passed a test with a 1-1/4” steel ball dropped from 12 feet.

Withstand a burning brand measuring 1.5″ x 1.5″ and weighing 1/4 gram Malarkey shingles now include 3M™ Smog-Reducing Granules, which harness sunlight to photocatalytically convert smog (NO, NO 2) into water-soluble ions (NO 3), actively reducing air pollution. Experience maximum flame spread of 13 feet;

Certified as meeting the industry's toughest third-party (UL) manufacturing quality standards; UL 790 is a quality assurance service listing. 2, Outline of Investigation for Hip and Ridge Shingles (UL Fire and Wind Tests) ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Quality Documentation (AC10), Dated January 2018 4.

USES OWENS CORNING asphalt shingles are used as roof coverings for new and existing roofs. UL Evaluation Report . Roof covering packaging that encloses shingles or other roofing that have a fire rating will display the level of fire or wind resistance rating of the materials.

UL's test method (ANS/UL 2390) has found the wind resistance of asphalt shingles with sealed tabs to be between 60 to 150 mph. Both are burn-through tests, and the ultimate roof systems rating is the lowest of the three tests. Roof coverings that have passed the UL Standard 2218 test are classified as either Class 1, 2, 3, or 4.

August 16, 2019 . To qualify for the credit, roof coverings must be tested by an approved laboratory. OWENS CORNING asphalt shingles described in this report alternatives to asphalt shingles are

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 2218 classifies the resistance of roofing products to impact damage. When you install any GAF Lifetime Shingle and at least 3 qualifying GAF accessories, you'll automatically get a Lifetime limited warranty on your shingles and all qualifying GAF accessories.. The colors of nature will be an integral part of your home when you choose the Pinnacle® Pristine Natural Expressions color palette from Atlas Roofing.

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Standard 2218 is a test method for evaluating impact resistance. The UL Certification Mark on roofing products and assemblies is relied on by code enforcement officials and buyers. Owens Corning's Supreme™ metric shingles add value, weather-resistance and curb appeal to your home at an affordable price.

In short, this is referred to as “UL 2218”. One roof has the same smog-fighting potential as 2 or more trees (assuming standard roof of 30 squares).* These specialty shingles achieving the highest impact resistant rating from UL (Class 4), providing peace of mind that they will protect your home from water infiltration resulting from the impact of damaging hail.

Roofing with a Class C rating is able to: UL Subject 2375, Outline of Investigation for Hip and Ridge Shingles (UL Fire and Wind Tests) ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Alternative Asphalt Roofing Shingles (AC438), Dated March 2012 4. Thanks to our exclusive, advanced color blending technology, IKO Cambridge architectural roofing shingles are available in a full range of color blends (including Cool Colors for select markets).

A new roof is more than just shingles. Impact resistant shingles are roofing products that have passed the 2218 test from underwriter’s laboratories. Must be labeled with the information outlined above.

A 25-foot-long test chamber called a Steiner tunnel and measures the progression of flames on the under-side of the roof deck. This is just one great reason why IKO Cambridge remains among our most popular shingles with homeowners and contractors alike. Impact resistant shingles are tested with the UL 2218 standard, which involves taking hits from a steel ball in multiple areas.

Roof.info has been collecting consumer reviews of shingles since 2009. The ABCs of Roof Fire Ratings. Landmark IR shingles are made from two laminated layers of high-quality asphalt that are set on a tough fiberglass-reinforced base mat.

UL’s allowed criterion is that flames shall. Installation instructions, the shingles are a Class A roof covering. USES TAMKO asphalt shingles are used as roof coverings for new and existing roofs.

Class C roofing provides only light fire protection. Visit UL, LLC’s ..

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