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D) Roof-Deck Construction Materials Classification – Establishes performance measurements for roofing systems with respect to resistance to the spread-of-flame and damage from underdeck interior fire exposure. Self-adhering aluminum foil tape (UL Listed).

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28 April 2017 Kingspan Insulation Middle East U.L.

Ul listed roofing systems. Our breadth, established objectivity and proven history mean we are a symbol of trust, enabling us to help provide peace of mind to all. This test method is described in the Standard for Test Methods for Fire Resistance of Roof-Covering Materials, UL 790. 6.2.1 Class A, B or C Roof covering Systems:

Incline shall be in accordance with the Certification established for the original roof covering system as listed on UL's online Roofing Systems Certification Directory; Underwriters laboratories (UL) Roofing Systems – TPO Revised Aug-2016. 2 Deck joints covered with 3 in.

Assembly numbers shown in the following listings correspond to the UL Master Listing number for all Mule-Hide Products, Co., Inc. Page 2 of 14 . The following table lists the Firestone Building Products Trade Name that is equivalent to the GenFlex R oofing Systems Trade Name and is an.

Information pertaining to the form and nature of the appropriate Listing Mark, Classification or Recognition Marking to be used What is the difference between UL listed and UL Classified? 6 USG Fire-Resistant Assemblies Test Certification Test Conditions and Fire- and sound-tested assemblies listed in this Selector are based on characteristics, properties and performance Certificationof materials and systems obtained under controlled test conditions as set forth in the appropriate ASTM Standard in effect at the time of test.

UL's Product Directories provide: C-15/32 or spaced sheathing Incline: These listings are short summaries to serve as a.

Commercial & Industrial, Consumer and UL Ventures. Described in UL Evaluation Report ER1306-01 or ER1306-02. Refer to UL’s On-Line Certification Directory for UL Classified Roofing Systems (TGFU) incorporating EnergyGuard™ Polyiso Insulation, EnergyGuard™ Ultra Polyiso Insulation,

However the incline cannot exceed 3:12. Consider a building owner who states that they have a UL listed roof, and are concerned that applying a maintenance coating will void the UL listing. EPDM Roofing Systems SINGLE PLY MEMBRANE ROOFING SYSTEMS In the fully adhered and mechanically fastened systems described below, the ".045 EPDM" membrane may replace the "EPDM.06R" membrane.

FireRock distributes Metal-Fab Air-Cooled Temp/Guard. Listing and classification are stated throughout the worldwide construction market, but it seems many people are in the dark about what they are and the difference between the two. FR Deck Panel A All joints are blocked and caulked Any UL listed 1/2:” (4) 61 (1) Thermal barrier may be 1/4” Dens Deck or 1” Atlas AC-IV (2) On Gypsum decking, all joints must be grouted.

Johns Manville PVC membranes may be installed over existing Classified Class A, B or C roofing systems as described in the UL Certification Category for Roofing Systems (TGFU), File R10167 under the heading Maintenance and Repair Systems (PVC) for applicable coverage and details of the roof assemblies and in Tables in this Report. Commercial/Industrial Roofing Systems UL Listing: If your specific need is not listed below, please contact us for additional information.

It also serves as a key differentiator for products within the roofing market. The UL Certification Mark on roofing products and assemblies is relied on by code enforcement officials and buyers to verify that your products and systems meet regulatory requirements. High-tensile strength and puncture resistance.

One most notable listing is the National Coatings approval where AcryShield coatings are applied over existing roofing systems. Underwriters laboratories (UL) Roofing Systems – TPO Overview Revised Sept 2016 These can be found in the UL website:

"EcoWhite NCR" may be substituted for "EcoWhite" membrane in any systems listed below. However, in this case, the membrane must be coated with " EPDM 8/16/2019 ROOFING SYSTEMS I UL Product iQ UL Product iQ™ TGFU.R14463 -ROOFING SYSTEMS See General Information for Roofing Systems FIRESTONE BUILDING PRODUCTS CO L LC 2004th Ave S Nashville, TN 37201 USA Roofing Systems OTHER SYSTEMS Class A 1.

Below are several of our focus areas in building science. Certifications Information that identifies manufacturer’s UL Certified products and systems and the applications for which they have been investigated. OUTPOST TPO is also available in a 24 inch by 60 foot unreinforced detailing roll with a total nominal thickness of 60 mils.

1/13/2020 ROOFING SYSTEMS | UL Product iQ. Our evaluations of products, systems and materials focus on resistance, containment and suppression of fire. For any materials covering a deck or surface not specifically listed in this Manual unless GAF has approved such conditions, in writing, prior to application of the roofing material .

We conduct rigorous independent research and analyze safety data, convene experts worldwide to address risks, share knowledge through safety education and public outreach initiatives, and. Underwriters laboratories (UL) Roofing Systems – Self-Adhered Modified Bitumen Revised August 2018 Mule-Hide Products Co., Inc. 60 mil total nominal thickness.

Heat-welded seams provide excellent strength. TGFU.R9476 – ROOFING SYSTEMS Roofing Systems See General Information for Roofing Systems C I M INDUSTRIES INC R9476 23 ELM ST PETERBOROUGH, NH 03458-1011 USA FLUID APPLIED COATING SYSTEMS Class A 1.

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