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UL’s certification information also includes the movement capabilities of the system in terms of intended use, magnitude and direction, and the. Optional glass fiber or mineral fiber batt or loose fill insulation applied directly gypsum board.

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UL Standards An overview of UL Standards for Safety, how they are developed, and how they related to installation codes and regulations.

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Ul assemblies roof. Product iQ is free, but a one-time… read more Situation where the floor or roof sheathing, slab, or deck above did not have a fire-resistance rating. It is applicable to any type of roof assembly which is adaptable to the test equipment..

Trusses supporting metal roof deck panels covered by 1/2” (12.7 mm) regular gypsum sheathing either loose laid, or adhesively or mechanically attached to roof deck. Understanding The UL Directory. ANSI/UL 263, CAN/ULC-S101, and NFPA 251.

About UL We help people achieve what’s possible by empowering trust. Look For The UL Mark On Products. Trus Joist TJI®UL® Fire Assemblies Follow.

PIMA Technical Bulletin #111 Class 1 and Class A Roof Assemblies Estimate materials and find USG equivalents for your building projects. Find the right fire-rated assemblies and design details drawings for your architectural plans.

Businesses, industries, governments, regulatory authorities and the public put their trust in us so they can make smarter decisions. Weyerhaeuser had long been the lone I-joist manufacture specifically listed in UL® fire assemblies. Item 5 would allow use of assemblies tested as floor/ceiling or roof/ceiling in the other application, even if not specified as such in the listing, based upon rational design provided to the building official.

1.1 The method of test specified in this standard is intended to determine the uplift resistance of roof assemblies consisting of the roof deck and roof covering materials. Look For The UL Mark On Products. Look For The UL Mark On Products Section .

BXUV.P523 – Fire Resistance Ratings – ANSI/UL 263 Author: G-P Gypsum DensDeck®, United States Gypsum Co, SECUROCK® Glass-Mat Roof Board (Type SGMRX), National Gypsum “DEXcell Glass Mat Roof Board” or “DEXcell FV glass Mat Roof Board” with all joints staggered a min of 6 in. UL Product iQTM It’s easy to specify or verify products certified by UL using our Product IQTM search tool.

USG Panels USG Panels USG Panels UL Design Number UL Design Number UL Design Number G503, G531, L501, L508, N501, N502, N505, P515, P516, The PURPLE Book® II. Section 707.9 was added to the 2012 IBC and.

The UL Certification Mark on roofing products and assemblies is relied on by code enforcement officials and buyers to verify that your products and systems meet regulatory requirements. S Beam Designs for Roof-Ceiling Assemblies U or V Wall and Partition Designs X or Y Column Designs II. For the most up-to-date fire-resistance ratings, refer to the UL Online Certifications Directory, UL L570.

Insulation type and thickness, in tested roof assemblies can only be granted by FM or UL and may require additional testing. All of these tests are based on the standardized fire time-temperature curve shown below. Select a system that matches the application by clicking in the system box.

Under such exposures, roof coverings of this class afford a high degree of fire protection to the roof deck, do not slip from position, and are not expected to produce flying brands. Rated Steel Column Assemblies. This standard has been.

7 USG Fire-Resistant Assemblies Cross Reference of USG Panels and UL Fire Ratings The following table lists the USG panels that are appropriate to use for different UL fire-resistive Designs. Estimated range of acoustical performance is based on laboratory test data of similarly constructed assemblies. Class A roofing is the preferred choice for any home, but this type of roofing is particularly important if you live in an area that is prone to wildfires.To achieve a Class A rating, the roof must be effective against severe fire exposure.

Ask the Dek Design Team ® Let Us Help. Rated Steel Beam Assemblies. 1.4 Class B roof coverings are effective against moderate fire test exposures.

1.3 Class A roof coverings are effective against severe fire test exposures. Fire Resistance Ratings – ANSI/UL 263 See General Information for Fire Resistance Ratings – ANSI/UL 263. Mike Kavanagh64Bit Created Date:

The Dek Design Team® is a full-service technical group dedicated to the engineering, design, and support of Metal Dek Group® products and services in application. Understanding The UL Directory. From the plywood joints.

These standards include the test methods ASTM E119,. Find an appropriate Firestop System by searching with the system number or by inputting the application characteristics into the filters. In October 2016 we made the decision to no longer use UL as a listing service for our fire-resistance rated floor/ceiling assemblies.

This move aligns us with the rest of the industry and will. UL Designs & Thickness — Roof Assemblies We are inspired to influence how the world is built. It also serves as a key differentiator for products within the roofing market.

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