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I live in a rental mobile home and am allowed to do improvements (at my cost of course). I call it old, but it’s not really vintage at all.

How to Paint Ugly Oak Strip Hardware, Melamine

We are going to do the same thing.

Ugly laminate cabinets. Today we’re looking at countertops. Here are a few creative ideas. That means they resist warping and nicks better than laminate and almost.

These laminate floors are very difficult to have in a kitchen area (been there). Any thoughts on SUPER CHEAP but effective fixes????

They are laminate but in good structural shape. If I owned this place the kitchen. Skin and cooking oils will prevent the paint from sticking.

Refacing is too expensive at this time. How To Cover Ugly Laminate With Pretty Wood Veneer.. The Best & Easiest Cover for Ugly Countertops Amanda Bell Pin Share Tweet.

But remodeling costs a lot of money, and after purchasing this home, we didn’t have much to spare. There are a few things you can do to hide those unsightly laminate or tile counters. Maybe you don’t have the resources to renovate a kitchen that you own.

Also, I’ll be discussing painting laminate WITH primer and painting laminate WITHOUT primer. Your choice depends on how much you want to spend. If you were to do it again, would you use a pure semi-gloss white or would you try to match the rest more closely with something else?

With minimal sanding and using liquid deglosser. Luckily, a few of these can be fixed. The result is essentially a brand new countertop.

Then you trim the edges flush to the old counter with a router or laminate trimmer. Yes you can paint them. You cut the sheets a little bit oversize and glue them down with contact cement.

A laminate re-covering process is similar to fabricating new custom laminate countertops. I can’t stress it enough! The key thing to do is to get them very clean.

Replace counters with laminate, solid surface, or quartz countertops. More likely, it is a strip-to-the-studs full kitchen remodel if you want to do it right. Ours was full of great food and wonderful family and friends.

If the laminate on your existing counters is severely outdated, you can always install new laminate over the old. Oh, wow, I had never thought to use wood veneer to cover ugly laminate, and I would’ve never guessed by the picture that you went through all that. Can I just get new doors and paint the edges to match?

They have to be cleaned with a special laminate floor cleaner and if water is allowed to stand on them for any amount of time, their top layer starts bubbling. Because of the way laminate doors are made, the seams of the underlying particle board (which is brown) may show, which is often considered a drawback to using laminate. Laminate, on the other hand, does not have a porous surface, so it’s harder to get paint to stick to it.

Really resourceful and looks great! Someone dropped it off to me, I didn’t buy it. Maybe you have a rental kitchen.

Strip the carpet and lay down laminate. This is the very same property that makes laminate difficult to paint.) By the way, “Veneer” is slightly different from laminate. But you’re stuck with ugly, cracked, or disfigured countertops.

Replace the fluorescent light with friendlier kitchen lighting. White would be my choice. But there are plenty of ways to conceal.

But, that kitchen where she baked them—it's ugly.

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Ugly Laminate Cabinets

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