How one can Maintain Your Pipes from Freezing

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There’s nothing worse than coming residence to a home that’s flooded with water—besides not realizing why it’s flooded within the first place. Should you’re away at work for the day or occur to be on trip and return to a home stuffed with water, it’s doable that your pipes could have burst after being uncovered to freezing temperatures.

The common value of water injury restoration may run between $1,304 and $5,515. Nevertheless, it may value much more while you take into accounts different repairs that will come up from the injury, together with the pipes themselves, flooring, partitions, and extra. To attenuate surprises from pipes bursting in your house on a really chilly day, listed below are some preventative measures to maintain your pipes from freezing.

Why Do Pipes Freeze?

Earlier than overlaying methods to forestall freezing pipes, it helps to know why pipes freeze. The primary cause is publicity to temperatures decrease than 55 levels for an prolonged time period. Since water expands when it’s frozen, the trapped water places strain on the pipe and this results in a crack forming. As soon as the ice thaws, that is when the potential for bursting arises.

What Occurs When Pipes Freeze?

Frozen pipes will impede water from getting into your property. Not solely is it vital to maintain water flowing in your home, nevertheless it additionally will stop expensive damages. So it’s essential to do all you may to maintain your pipes from freezing.

Prep Pipes for Chilly Temperatures

There are a number of steps you may take to make the pipes in your house extra proof against freezing.

  • Insulate pipes which can be positioned alongside exterior partitions or in unheated areas, sometimes attics, basements, or crawl areas. Foam pipe insulation sleeves are comparatively cheap and simple to put in.
  • Each winter, disconnect and drain backyard hoses. And if there are cut-off valves on out of doors taps, be sure that they’re closed and drained. You may add a faucet cowl for further safety.
  • Utilizing increasing foam or caulk, seal cracks in partitions or flooring close to pipes that would permit chilly air in from the surface.
  • Wrap warmth tape or a warmth cable round pipes positioned in areas which may be prone to freeze.
  • If upgrading your plumbing, attempt to set up PEX piping, which is extra proof against freezing that the majority different sorts, notably copper.
  • Think about relocating pipes if they’re in a location that’s weak to freezing.

Ideas for Stopping Pipes from Freezing

Control climate experiences to know if excessive temperatures are anticipated—sometimes round 20 levels F is when you must take precautions.

  • Activate not less than one faucet so it releases a sluggish drip so chilly water is consistently flowing via the pipes.
  • Depart kitchen and toilet cupboards open to permit the hotter air from inside the home to flow into across the pipes.
  • Keep the identical temperature inside your home day and evening at above 55 levels F.
  • If there’s a spot the place your pipes are prone to freezing, you may add an area heater to heat up the room. Simply be sure that to not depart it unsupervised.
  • Even if you’re away from your property for trip, preserve your warmth on to keep away from frozen pipes. If in case you have a wise thermostat, be sure that to watch the temperature or have a neighbor or member of the family test the temperature of your home.


Regardless of all of your greatest efforts to forestall frozen pipes, there’s nonetheless an opportunity it may occur. Listed here are some issues you are able to do in case your pipes freeze or burst.

What ought to I do if I think my pipes have frozen?

In case your water doesn’t run otherwise you solely get a trickle while you flip it on, a pipe is probably going frozen. It’s smart to contact a licensed plumber. Knowledgeable could possibly take steps to assist keep away from damages that would value upwards of $5,000 or extra in case your pipes burst.

Can I exploit warmth to assist thaw pipes?

You may examine your water provide strains to test for any significantly chilly areas to attempt to find the ice blockage. If the pipe is uncovered you should utilize warmth to thaw it, nonetheless, be aware of the kind of warmth you apply to your pipes.

You might use an electrical heating pad, a hair dryer, or an area heater to assist thaw pipes (being cautious to keep away from any flammable supplies and keep away from standing in water) within the part the place there’s a blockage. However you must at all times keep away from utilizing an open flame. Apply warmth till full water strain returns.

Make sure you test all taps in the home—if one pipe freezes, others could freeze, too. Be aware that if the pipe has already burst, water could flood the home because the water thaws. If the pipe blockage is an inaccessible space, you must contact a plumber for help.

If my pipes occur to burst, what’s the very first thing I ought to do?

It’s vital to show water off on the foremost shutoff valve, normally positioned on the water meter or the place the primary line enters the home. This can preserve water from inflicting pointless damages in your house the place the pipe has burst. It’s a good suggestion to familiarize your self with the place the primary shut-off valve is in your house. Then proceed with calling a plumber.

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