Granny Stylish Frilly Glass Pendant Lights, New and Classic

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Presently experiencing a revival: flouncy, old style hanging lights fabricated from glass and ceramic. Broadly obtainable in classic and new variations, they alternately bring to mind Little Miss Muffet-style night time caps and drooping blossoms. Even members of the no-frills faculty of design have been succumbing to their granny appeal.

devol’s new frilly cranberry light, $485, is modeled after vintage 9
Above: DeVOL’s new Frilly Cranberry Mild, $485, is modeled after classic cranberry glass.

“It seems this jewel-colored glass will not be simple to come back by, which explains its desirability and excessive value, each in Victorian occasions and immediately,” writes deVOL. “A real piece of cranberry glass, like our frilly shade, is made with gold. The gold reacts with the glass throughout firing to create this very particular cranberry coloration. The primary firing releases the colour, then it’s laid over a hand-crafted metal body and re-fired, permitting it to droop right into a delightfully delicate swirl of frills.”

ferroluce’s l’aquila ruffle shade pendant comes in a ra 10
Above: Ferroluce’s L’Aquila Ruffle Shade Pendant is available in a variety of sizes and edge colours, beginning at $296.70 from Contact Items.
frilly ceramic pendant lights—a since discontinued design by zangra  11
Above: Frilly ceramic pendant lights—a since discontinued design by Zangra—hold in a Spirited Paris Residence By Two Younger Architects, certainly one of our hottest home excursions of 2022. {Photograph} by Marvin Leuvrey and Charlotte Robin courtesy of Studio Classico.

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