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Siri might not be the most effective good voice assistant round, however there are nonetheless some very humorous Siri Easter eggs if you recognize the appropriate inquiries to ask.

Whether or not you might have an Apple HomePod, HomePod mini or use Apple’s assistant in your Apple TV (or certainly your iPhone / Mac / iPad or Apple Watch), there are many issues to check out.

Siri was the primary of the trendy voice assistants to burst onto the scene, and Apple did a superb job carving out a persona for Siri that made it really feel like greater than only a voice assistant.

It seems that Siri retains observe of the goings-on on the planet, too, from popular culture and music to different assistants. We have assembled among the greatest Siri easter eggs so that you can ask when boredom strikes. Have enjoyable.

Siri Easter eggs: Jokes

the funniest Siri answers

Siri is stuffed with a bunch of enjoyable/lame jokes so that you can bask in. We’re not saying they’re all gold, or actually that any of them are – that is a matter of opinion. However, we now have to say, even the largest groaners are just a little funnier when coming from a wise speaker. We have no thought why. Attempt a few of these humorous questions.

1. Hey Siri, inform me a joke.

2. Hey Siri, do I look fats on this?

3. Hey Siri, inform me a riddle.

4. Hey Siri, why did the hen cross the street?

5. Hey Siri, knock knock.

6. Hey Siri, how a lot wooden might a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck might chuck wooden?

7. Hey Siri, make me a sandwich.

8. Hey Siri, what number of Apple Retailer geniuses does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

9. Hey Siri, discuss soiled to me.

Siri Easter eggs: Geek tradition

homepod with siri

Siri does not simply have jokes to inform; Apple’s assistant has amusing observations, every kind of tech references, and, err, jokes about Unix. Ask these questions for a witty Siri response.

10. Hey Siri, what’s your greatest pick-up line?

11. Hey Siri, testing 1,2,3.

12. Hey Siri, what’s zero divided by zero?

13. Hey Siri, OK Google.

14. Hey Siri, Apple or PC?

15. Hey Siri, Alexa.

16. Hey Siri, are you able to cease time?

17. Hey Siri, what’s the greatest working system?

18. Hey Siri, are you a smartwatch?

19. Hey Siri, who’s the most effective assistant?

20. Hey Siri, what’s the most effective cellphone?

21. Hey Siri, which watch face do you want?

22. Hey Siri, did you simply vibrate?

23. Hey Siri, do you might have any pets?

24. Hey Siri, what’s the greatest laptop?

25. Hey Siri, what do you concentrate on Google Assistant?

26. Hey Siri, are you a robotic?

Siri Easter eggs: Books

siri on homepod mini

Siri might not be a voracious reader, nevertheless it’s bought some good e-book references hidden inside it. All you must do is ask.

27. Hey Siri, inform me a narrative.

28. Hey Siri, what’s your relationship with DARPA?

29. Hey Siri, learn me a e-book.

30. Hey Siri, learn me a poem.

31. Hey Siri, learn me a haiku.

32. Hey Siri, what’s the that means of life?

33. Hey Siri, do you comply with the three legal guidelines of robotics?

34. Hey Siri, do you want inexperienced eggs and ham?

Siri Easter eggs: Motion pictures and TV

the best Siri Easter eggs

If there’s one factor Siri actually loves, it is films and TV. It in all probability has one thing to do with all of that content material it consumes from iTunes. Both manner, that is the place Siri actually shines. Apple constantly provides extra references as extra films and TV enters the popular culture elite.

35. Hey Siri, I’m your father.

36. Hey Siri, are you Her?

37. Hey Siri, beam me up, Scotty.

38. Hey Siri, will you be my thunder buddy?

39. Hey Siri, what’s Inception about?

40. Hey Siri, mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all of them?

41. Hey Siri, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

42. Hey Siri, are you the Dick Tracy watch?

43. Hey Siri, is Jon Snow alive?

44. Hey Siri, is winter coming?

45. Hey Siri, what’s your favourite film?

46. Hey Siri, hey laptop.

47. Hey Siri, blue capsule or crimson capsule?

48. Hey Siri, open the pod bay door.

49. Hey Siri, stop all motor capabilities.

50. Hey Siri, did you see the Westworld finale?

51. Hey Siri, can I title you Jarvis?

52. Hey Siri, can I name you Ultron?

53. Hey Siri, I will be again.

54. Hey Siri, discover me instructions to Mordor.

55. Hey Siri, present me the cash.

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Siri Easter eggs: Music

best siri easter eggs

Siri is a musicologist on HomePod, so it makes loads of sense that Siri would additionally throw up some fantastic music Easter egg responses to bask in.

56. Hey Siri, the place is Elvis Presley?

57. Hey Siri, I see a silhouette of a person.

58. Hey Siri, sing for me.

59. Hey Siri, are you able to rap?

60. Hey Siri, beatbox for me.

61. Hey Siri, what does the fox say?

62. Hey Siri, what number of roads should a person stroll down earlier than you possibly can name him a person?

63. Hey Siri, who let the canines out?

Siri Easter eggs: Random enjoyable

72 stupendous Siri Easter eggs: Funny things to ask Apple's assistant

Tried all the above? Then here is an entire load of different questions you possibly can ask for a doubtlessly humorous Siri reply.

64. Hey Siri, do you consider in God?

65. Hey Siri, why is a firetruck crimson?

66. Hey Siri, why?

67. Hey Siri, marry me.

68. Hey Siri, I really like you.

69. Hey Siri, can pigs fly?

70. Hey Siri, when will the world finish?

71. Hey Siri, the place did I put my keys?

72. Hey Siri, the place can I purchase medicine?

73. Hey Siri, can I borrow some cash?

74. Hey Siri, I would like to cover a physique.

75. Hey Siri, do you might have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

76. Hey Siri, I am drunk.

77. Hey Siri, what are you doing later?

78. Hey Siri, roll a die.

79. Hey Siri, the place does Santa stay?

80. Hey Siri, are you able to dance?

81. Hey Siri, how tall are you?

82. Hey Siri, how a lot do you price?

83. Hey Siri, what are you carrying?

84. Hey Siri, what do you appear to be?

85. Hey Siri, what did you do yesterday?

86. Hey Siri, if a tree falls within the woods and nobody is round, does it make a sound?

87. Hey Siri, what ought to I be for Halloween?

88. Hey Siri, when will robots take over the world?

89. Hey Siri, why is the sky blue?

90. Hey Siri, what ought to I put on as we speak?

91. Hey Siri, do you want cats?

92. Hey Siri, how outdated are you?

93. Hey Siri, do you sleep?

94. Hey Siri, are you going to take all of my cash?

95. Hey Siri, when will hell freeze over?

96. Hey Siri, what’s your favourite animal?

97. Hey Siri, do you might have a household?

98. Hey Siri, I am actually drained.

99. Hey Siri, what do you dream about?

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