7 Eco-Pleasant Different Meals Storage Concepts with designers Jihyun David

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4. Some fruit and veg thrive over a shallow tub.

“We have a tendency to think about zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper, and cucumber as greens, however they’re biologically fruits. This open shelf offers them an area to be exterior the fridge. Additionally by means of the ritual of watering them on a regular basis, they’ll keep contemporary,” write Jihyun David. Produce that grows in heat locations, tomatoes and bananas included, “will get injured” and loses vitamins and taste when saved within the chilly.

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5. Spice advantages from rice.

The longstanding apply of pouring some raw rice into salt shakers additionally works for jars of spices: “Rice absorbs humidity simply,” notes Jihyun. “Including rice to spice containers helps the spice keep dry with out forming into lumps.” Since spices shouldn’t be uncovered to solar or warmth, Jihyun suggests “protecting the larger amount in a darkish and funky house and a small amount the place it’s simple to make use of.”

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6. A plinth with a water nicely retains leafy greens contemporary.

Noting that sure leafy greens, similar to lettuce and cabbage, last more when their stem or roots are in water, Jihyun David designed a hexagonal modular base of marble with a shallow water nicely. “Solely the stem or root ought to contact the water, not a lot the leaves,” they word. “The temperature of marble helps preserve the greens cool.” A cauliflower that they exhibited this manner in Milan was nonetheless trying contemporary 10 days after the present opened.

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7. A tabletop celery bouquet is an efficient option to keep hydrated.

An concept from the designers’ weblog: “Celery is without doubt one of the summer time crops that quenches our thirst as a result of 95 % of celery is definitely water.” The easiest way to maintain the stalks contemporary, they are saying, are to retailer them standing up: “Place the stalks in a vase with water like flowers. Simply be sure that not a lot is roofed: Solely the underside of the celery ought to contact the water. In any other case, it might get mushy. By having their magnificence beneath our eyes, we’ll certainly not overlook to eat them.”

a tomato storage frame is currently in the works from jihyun david. this is a c 17
Above: A tomato storage body is at present within the works from Jihyun David. It is a cardboard and paper mannequin for a design they’re creating in collaboration with a tomato farmer who produces greater than 50 totally different varieties.

Watch Jihyun’s Ted Speak right here. Eager about shopping for Jihyun David meals storage designs? Shoot them a question at [email protected]

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