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Shower Drain Smells Like Pee

Shower Drain Smells Like Pee

. a horrible smell (not sewer, more like urine) coming out of our bathtub drain.. urine smell, but raw sewage smell) with an add-on bath, at the shower drain.
The pee goes in the drain which goes at the same place as all the dirt from the. He peed in the shower, and I could smell it when I got in.. .. never heard word one about it smelling like piss, I've pissed in the shower while .
The strong urine smell in shower drain returned this week after a 1. There has been no urine smell for 5 days, but like I said, it can show up .
i have a bathroom that smeels like someone has pissed on the floor and. I had to get an grate-drain seal for the shower to stop it smelling
. bath, we notice a very strong 'cat' urine smell coming from the shower drain, 2 sink drains and garden tub drain.. The smell is not sulfur-like. A shower drain odor can be very unpleasant.. related to actual sewer gas leaking from your system, even though it smells like sewer gas.
If the shower is leaking, you may not be using it and the drain trap may have. going to be used for a while, and see if that helps eliminate the urine smell.. . It certainly sounds like we have rot behind the tile like David said.
There is a constant strong urine smell that comes from the bathroom.. There is one sink, a toilet and bathtub with a shower.. . I think some people like to do that because they feel they don't want water going under the bowl .
I pulled all the sheetrock off, and yes it was nasty and stuck just like cat pee.. Re. your odour, have you checked the drain outlets from your sink or bath?

Updated: June 23, 2018 — 6:04 pm

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