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Drain Smells Bad In Bathroom

Drain Smells Bad In Bathroom

Find out why there is a sewage smell in your bathroom in this article.. It's not uncommon for your bathroom to occasionally have bad odors, but if you smell. You lean closer to the sink, the shower drain and the toilet as you try to identify the .
Sometimes you can save money by tracking down the source of a bad smell in. The odor in the bathroom had to be contained, so closing off the drain holes .
Your p-trap can be a super bad booby trap if there's no water in it.. This smell is worse than the one from your sink because your toilet is sitting directly over the .
It is possible that the problem of bad smelling kitchen and bathroom drains could be down to a lack of soil vent pipe (SVP) – a vent that directs foul odours up .

Updated: June 30, 2018 — 1:40 am

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